Posted by A. T. Barr on Oct 18, 2018

Annual Veterans Day Celebration
Wednesday, November 7, 2018  11:30am
SaddleBrooke One Clubhouse

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Joshua D. Moore
Assistant Agent, 4 - H Youth Development
Our speaker is interested in, Soft Skill Development, Youth Leadership Development, Agricultural Based Youth Leadership Organizations, Native American Youth Leadership Development, Tribal Youth and Nation Building, Peoplehood and Cultural Integration Education
Agricultural Education, Youth Leadership Development, Agricultural Technology Management, Animal Science, Plant Science, Youth Livestock Quality Assurance
Greeter : Jim Fry 
Inspiration: Gary Terrell
Pledge & 4-Way Test: Pick 'em*
  Card Game - $218 in pot, 40 cards with Jokers 
*NOTE: The Pledge and 4-Way Test speakers will be randomly selected by the President from the podium.... Stay Alert!!

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