Fueling the Future – Food Drive

Our club will again support this food drive that benefits the children that depend on the schools throughout the school year for their breakfast and lunches in the Oracle Schools.  Donated food will be distributed to families in need to get them through winter break when food is not provided by the school system.
Monica Oszust is coordinating the collection of food and volunteers that will be needed to distribute it to the families.  Monica will be collecting non-perishable food items at her home, and will have sign up sheets at the coming meeting for the following volunteer times:

December 8th 9am-10:30am to sort the donated food,

December 12th 9am to help pack the bags,

December 15th 10:30am to help handout bags at the school

Although the school is prohibited from accepting cash checks or gift cards directly, checks can be made out to the Oracle Community Center. Your check can be then used as a donation for tax purposes. Checks will be cashed and used to shop for perishable Items. Last year, we ordered perishables from Costco of milk, eggs, butter, potatoes, apples and oranges. These items will be picked up by volunteers and distributed with a non-perishables on December 15. Your GENEROSITY Enabled 55 families to have food for the winter break.