Posted by Joe Guyton
On June 3rd, 50 members and guests enjoyed our first hybrid meeting at the Saddlebrooke Ranch Clubhouse.  We had a full-house of 34 attending in person and another 16 on Zoom.  Thanks to the staff of the Ranch Grill for good service and great food.
And what an action-packed meeting it was.  To start we inducted 3 new Rotarians.  They are:
Judy Miller, Saddlebrooke Ranch
Roger Bailey, Saddlebrooke Ranch
Wanda Bailey, Saddlebrooke Ranch
All of these new members are experienced Rotarians and are looking forward to a future of fun and service in our club.  Congratulations to you all and welcome!
The featured program was the presentation of Annual Community Awards.  For that, Harvey Smith took over the podium and did a fantastic job presenting recognition awards to the following community leaders:
Business Person of the Year and Organization of the Year:  Joint but Separate
The SaddleBrooke Rotary Business Person/Organization of the Year award recognizes a local business individual/organization who, through varied voluntary community service activities  and  business initiatives has significantly contributed to the quality of life of our community.
Bianne Spaeth/Desert Life Pharmacy            and Senior Village at Saddlebrooke
Brianne Spaeth accepted and Linda Hampton, Executive Director, accepted for Senior Village
Citizen of the Year
Also recognized was Edie Crall, Community activist and leader.  Edie is a board member of the Oracle School District Board of Directors.  The SaddleBrooke Rotary Club Citizen of the Year award recognizes a local resident who, though voluntary community service activities, has significantly contributed to the quality of life and needs of both our community and its citizens.
Congratulations to all!
Much thanks needs to go out to those who have worked to make this new venue a welcoming site especially, Gordon Wainwright, Liese Razzeto, Wendy Guyton, and Barara Barr.