Thursday October 26, 2023
  • John opened the meeting with 48 members in attendance.  Our snowbirds are making their way back home.  John asked Mike Gallipeo to lead the members in the pledge.
  • Sargent at Arms:  Charlie Clark
    • Visiting Rotarians and Guest: 
      • Monica Oszust guest:     Kim Johnson
      • Linda Drake guest:          Ron Cooper                  
  • Happy Birthday Steven Argentati
Thank you to Dan and Mollie for doing a great job at last week’s Monster Bash— Pictures can be found at:
  • Happy Dollars:  Leslie Hawkins prayers for people of Maine
    • John Howard- thank you to Wendy, Joe, and Rudi for hygiene items
    • Bill Demeroutis-First prize of costumed contest—Car detailing
    • Ed Triek- Happy that he can lead a team of riders at Ride to End Polio
    • Mike and Slone Gallipeo-Happy to be back in town
    • Monica- Happy to volunteer at Kids Closet helping 90 children. 
  • Retired Iowa Supreme Court Justice, Dave Baker inspired the group sharing experience hearing a 2008 landmark case on same sex marriage. Though never having regrets of the court’s decision, he and two other judges were defeated in next election.  The three judges displaced were later awarded the Profiles in Courage Award by Caroline Kennedy. 
President John shared a video on Rotary’s World Polio Day October 24, 2023
  • Community Service Committee: Will meet 11/1/23 after meeting
  • 11/8/23:  Need 2 more volunteers to pack IMPACT bags
  • Dictionaries will be delivered to Coronado school on 11/1/23 and 11/3/23
  • Clothing Swap 11/10/23
  • Jim Click Tickets must be returned to Monica by middle of November
  • Ride to end polio November 18, 2023. Since the inception of this ride $56,000,000 has been raised to eradicate polio. All donations are matched 2:1 by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Tom Brandhuber: Fire Chief of Golder Ranch Fire District provided an excellent program about the efforts of our fire district that covers 246 miles of coverage with an additional 170 miles of ambulance.  Captain Colin Port joined Chief Brandhuber to share details of last June’s wildland fire fighting efforts on the Bowl Creek Fire
NEXT WEEK 11/1/23
            Don will then be our program for the week