In the event you were unable to attend today's meeting, here's a brief summary of events.
  • It was a great turnout. And, attending via Zoom were Joe and Wendy Guyton, Ken and Leslie Castner and Linda Bradner,
  • Dan Watson is back from the cruise through the Panama Canal
  • Fred Lowy and Bill Demeroutis are back from the hospital with positive reports
  • John and Monica Oszust are off to the Rotary International Convention in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Ed Treick taught us how to teach fishing during his inspirational talk.
  • Happy Bucks were plentiful and too many to mention
  • We had two guests. Jim Meyers' spouse Carolyn joined us as well as a visitor from Vail CO, Brooke Chesnut.
  • Neill Deppe and Gary Terrell still need to be in your thoughts and prayers
  • The Howards awarded scholarships to several students (see the weekly bulletin for pics)
  • We received a great letter of thanks and recognition from San Manuel School District for the 50+ lockdown kits that were donated and assembled. Special thanks to Liese Razzeto.
  • The plaque awarded from the Chili Cookoff was proudly passed through the crowd. John and Linda Howard and Stephen Argentati were award winners.
  • President Gordon went over the budget for next year and explained some increases in costs for a couple of areas including our meeting venue and how the Board of Directors worked through various scenarios to cover these costs. It was finally decided and approved by the Board that a dues increase of $35 per member was the only viable solution. This is the first increase in several years.
Our guest speaker was the Honorable Ellie Brown, Justice of the Peace for Pinal County. She explained her various roles as she travels regualarly between Superior and Oracle. For more on her see this website.
  • Nobody won the 50/50 so the jackpot builds
  • Of course, for more on this and other meetings, as well as Club, District and RI information, visit or look out for the weekly bulletins and newsletters. There are so many ways to stay informed.
Hopefully we'll see you next week.