If you missed today's meeting, it was sparsely attended with many members away in the mountains, gone for the summer, or looking after important issues.
  • Gordon Wainwright, Wendy and Joe Guyton, Jim Dolian and Ed Treick attended via Zoom.
  • Happy Bucks were given by Gordon Wainwright, Monia Oszust, Tom Schellenberg, Dan Watson, Barbara Bengen, Dan Chambers and Stephen Argentati.
  •  The sole visitor was Keith Gordon, whose membership application has been approved
  • Special thanks went to Mollie Hunter, Wanda Bailey and Elaine Terry for the great job on last weeks Passing of the Gavel (Luau style), Bill and Diane Demeroutis for helping at the Senior Food Distribution event yesterday and Mollie and Jack for cooking over 240 hot dogs at OCC on July 4
  •  Alexa sang Happy Birthday to Ken Castner, Tom Turriff, Wanda Bailey and Ed Lueck because nobody else wants to sing.
  • Today's program was a brief overview of plans and projects for the year, presented by John Oszust, followed by open forum for questions and comments.
  • A short video about the life of Jessica Cox was shown as an inspirational moment. Jessica was born without arms and is a successful airplane pilot and motivational speaker. She is schedule to visit our club in the near future.
  • Chris Millar had his ticket pulled but did not win the jackpot.
John Oszust