Here's a brief overview of yesterday's meeting for those of you who missed it.
  • Our guests were Darlene Rowe and spouse Hank, Beth Warner and her two daughters.
  • Thanks went to Monica Oszust, Bill and Diane Demeroutis for packing over 100 bags at IMPACT on Wednesday morning.
  • Charlie Clark was excited to show us pictures of the completed bus stop bench for San Manuel school kids.
  • John announced we have a district grant in place for lockdown kits for Oracle school.
  • Darlene Rowe was presented with "Teacher of the Year" award. She has served Coronado School for 27 years and was instrumental in re-starting our dictionary project. She was presented with a plaque and $100 gift card.
  • Beth Warner talked to us about the TRVFA (Rotary Vocational Fund of AZ) scholarship she earned in 2020 and was pleased to tell us she has now graduated and is a registered nurse with plans to obtain her master's degree in the coming years.
  • Doug May gave a brief summary of the Human Trafficking Forum that we participated in back in October along with RC Marana. This was followed by a 20-minute TED Talk documentary on the modern-day slave trade. You can view this video at Speaking Engagements - Lisa Kristine and scroll down the page to the photo that is labelled. "Photos that bear witness to modern slavery".
  • John Oszust had his number drawn for the 50/50 but failed to pick up the joker until his third try which didn't count anyway.
  • Next week's speaker is District 5500 International Services Chair Pat Patton. He has all the skinny on international programs, grants and news going on in the area. It should be a great rime to come to the next meeting as our club is getting more involved in international programs this year.
  • Visit for more information or read the weekly newsletter for more details.
by John Oszust, President