Rotary Meeting Recap
December 21, 2023
GUESTS AND VISITORS – Collenne Gillespie from the Rotary Club of Olympia, WA
President John listed and celebrated December birthdays.  Although he failed to mention that today 12/21, was his birthday as well.  Joining him in celebrating this month are:
  • Gordon Wainwright 12/25, Harvey Smith 12/14, Bill Olfert 12/21, Linda Howard 12/19, Mollie Hunter 12/7, David Baker 12/26, Barbara Bengen 12/08.
John Howard, John Oszust, Mike Gallipeo Liese Razzeto, Doug May, Ed Lueck, Dan Watson Bre Zientarski, Gordon Wainwright.  
Harvey Smith also contributed 10 happy dollars to remind us of the work of ShelterBox.  This Rotary partner is helping people in Ukraine as they go through brutal winter conditions.  When making personal contributions to ShelterBox, please be sure to indicate you are with the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke.
JOHN AND LINDA HOWARD were recognized for their tireless work through this busy season working with the community service committee.  Under their direction our club completed meaningful projects that engaged the following volunteers:
  • Seniors Christmas Dinner (with Impact) at OCC.  - John and Linda Howard, Molly and Jack Hunter, Lynn Devou, Wendy and Joe Guyton, Gordon Wainwright, Debbie Rue, Doug May, Wanda and Roger Bailey, Diane and Bill Demeroutis, Leslie Hawkins, Leslie Castner, Betsy McMahan, Dave and Jan Baker, Gail and Tom Fraioli, Carol Soule-Reed, Elaine and Don Terry, Barbara and Bill Bengen, Kristi Halverson, Liese Razzeto, Paul Herr, Wendy and Joe Guyton.
  • Adopt-a Child - Jan Close, Sandy & Jim Taft, Dave Baker, Linda & John Howard, Linda Morsani, Liese Razzeto, Leslie & Ken Castner, Diane & Bill Demeroutis, Wendy & Joe Guyton, Stephen Argentati, Elaine Terry, Monica & John Oszust, Wendy Hahn, Leslie Hawkins, Gordon Wainwright, Gail & Tom Fraioli, Mollie Hunter, Dan Watson, Harvey Smith
  • Wreaths Across America – Marana and Oracle - Bre and Eric Zentarski, Roger and Wanda Bailey, Bill and Diane Demeroutis, Liese Razzeto, Linda Daubers, Mollie and Jack Hunter, John Howard, Ric Holm, Joe Guyton, Tom Fraioli, Bre Zientarski, Eric Zientarski, Gordon Wainwright, Doug May, Jim and Sandy Taft, Keith and Patti Gordon, Kristi Halverson, Tom Turriff, Leslie Hawkins
  • Fueling the Future, Collecting, sorting, bagging, loading- Wanda, Roger, Monica, Bill and Diane Demeroutis, Leslie & Ken Castner, Gail & Tom Fraioli, Linda & John Howard, Sloan & Michael Gallipeo, Elaine & Don Terry, Jim and Sandy Taft
  • Packing IMPACT Food Bags. – Jim and Sandy Taft, Tom Fraioli
  • OCC Kids Christmas, - Tom and Barbara Turriff, Gail and Tom Fraioli, Lynn Devou, Wendy and Joe Guyton, Gordon Wainwright, Diane and Bill Demeroutis, and Debbie Rue
  • Cookies for Seniors- Debbie Rue, Mollie Hunter, Kim Johnson, Kristi Halvorson, Leslie Castner, Ric Holm,Leslie Hawkins
  • Corizon project date has been moved to October 26, 2024
  • Golf Tournament 4/22/24:  Location changed to The Preserve
  •  Signups for Fun with Rotarians Jan/Feb/March are now happening.  Contact Wanda for information
Gina Hansen—Habitat for Humanity Director of Volunteer Service gave an informative presentation about Habitat for Humanity Tucson.  She was joined by Jennifer Brown volunteer coordinator.  Always looking for volunteers and donations. For more information