Rotary Meeting Recap
Thursday October 19, 2023
  • John opened the meeting with 36 members in attendance we welcomed two returning snow birds, Tom Turriff and Rudi Faller
  • Sargent at Arms:  Charlie Clark
    • Visiting Rotarians and Guest:  
      •  Guest:   Kim Johnson and new member Lynn Devou
  •  Long time member and past president Neil Deppie, who passed away earlier this month was remembered.  His service will be:
December 21, 2024   2:00pm
                Vistoso Funeral Home                    
  • Lynn Devou was inducted into our club.  Diane Demeroutis is her mentor
    • Lynn has been a Rotarian since 2001 from the San Jose area.  She moved to Tucson 14 years ago and has been involved in the Tucson club and active in District 5500.  Moving to SaddleBrooke earlier this year, she will be a welcome addition to our club.                        
Happy Dollars were contributed by:  Tom Turriff, Linda Howard, Dan Chambers and Wanda Bailey, and Tom Fogoli
Charlie Clark has been working with Mark Erickson of the SaddleBrooke Woodworking club to restore our club bell.  The bell is in beautiful working condition and now has a perfect travel case. 
10/24/23 is World Polio Day.   President John shared a informative video on the history of the Polio Project.  Our club has 27 members in the Polio Plus Society.
Rudi Faller:  Was honored with Paul Harris  + Level 3 recognition award
Monster Bash:  Dan Chambers gave an update on this fundraiser that will happen Friday October 19, 2023.
Next week’s Speaker:  CHIEF TOM BRANDHUBER