The SaddleBrooke Rotary Club (Club) was chartered in 1997
principally through the efforts of Harlan Nygaard. He was a life
long Rotarian from Minnesota and moved to SaddleBrooke upon
retirement. Although not in good health, he made it his goal
and dream of his life to establish our current Club.
International Rotary was not receptive to the idea of having a
club, which consisted primarily of retirees. At the time, one’s
“classification” was an important factor and retirees did not
quite fit the bill – at least in an active sense.
However, the then District 5500 Governor was very supportive
and Harlan persevered and ultimately approval was granted.
In December, 1998, the Board organized, exclusively for
charitable and educational purposes, the Foundation, a non-
profit corporation (501©3).

Harlan died before he was able to complete his term as Charter
President. The Boards of both the Club and the Foundation
decided to recognize and honor his commitment by establishing
the Harlan Nygaard Endowment Fund. The Fund was set up as a
separate account within the Foundation.


The mission of the Fund is more restrictive than the Mission of
the Foundation. In fact, it is exclusively limited to providing
scholarships to deserving high school students for college from
the earnings of the endowment. The endowment itself will not
be used, but will continue in perpetuity. If in any year, the
earnings are less than the distribution percentage noted below,
then the scholarship distribution shall be limited to the
earnings for that year.
The intent is to make an impact locally so selected high schools
include San Manuel, Canyon del Oro and Iron Ridge and others
as deemed appropriate by the Fund Board.

The Fund will accept contributions from all sources. Members
are encouraged to give current cash contributions as well as
provide for future contributions via a will or living trust. A
Harlan Nygaard recognition pin is provided for contributions of
$1,000 or more.

Investments and distributions will be made in accordance with
the Foundation Investment Policy in such a manner as to allow
the Fund to exist in perpetuity.