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Emerson Knowles will speak on The Declaration of Independence:
'What You Don't Know'
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Greeter: XXXXXXX (Please arrive at 10:55)
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Inspiration: Wendy Guyton
Pledge & 4-Way Test: Pick 'em*
 Card Game - $64.00 52 cards + 2 Jokers
*NOTE: The Pledge and 4-Way Test speakers will be randomly selected by the President!
2019-2020 Awards
Left to Right:  Liesse Razzeto, Barbara Barr, Paul Herr, Joe Guyton, and Wendy Guyton

The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke celebrated the old year and rang in the new year at the Passing the Gavel ceremony on Thursday, June 25th.  Outgoing president, Barbara Barr, praised her Board of Directors and the members for helping to break records as an award winning club. The club also lead the entire Rotary District 5500 in new members.


The members of the 2019-2020 Board of Directors were honored for their service to the club. Members of the Board of Directors included President Elect: Joe Guyton, President Nominee: Liese Razzeto, Past President: Doug May, President of the Foundation: Gary Terrell, Secretary: Paul Herr, Treasurer: Joe Guyton, Youth Services: Sheila Tuhy, Community Service: Joe Dylewski, Membership: Wendy Guyton, International Service: Mark Miller, Family of Rotary: Elaine Terry, and Club Services: Chris Millar. Each member was honored with a Rotary Portfolio.

Members of the club were also surprised and honored for their work for the club. This year’s honorees included Guardian Angel: Wendy Guyton, Fore For Kids Tournament Director Extraordinaire: Gordon Wainwright, Service Above Self: Liese Razzeto, President’s Award: Paul Herr, and Rotarian of the Year: Joe Guyton. The new president, Joe Guyton, and the Club surprised outgoing president, Barbara Barr, with the highest Rotary International award, a Paul Harris Fellow.

2019-2020 Paul Harris Fellows
A Big Thank You to our Paul Harris Fellows
Under the leadership of Tom Turriff, our club had a record setting year for our Paul Harris Fellows.  In the 2019-2020 year, our club honored the following 14 members for their contributions to the Rotary International Foundation:
Updated List Paul Harris Fellow Award Recipients
Craig Stokely   Benefactor
Barbara Barr   First Time Paul Harris Fellow
Patricia Pohnert  First Time Paul Harris Fellow
Bre Zintarkski   First Time Paul Harris Fellow
Mark Phelps   Paul Harris Fellow+1
Doug May   Paul Harris Fellow+2
Elaine Terry   Paul Harris Fellow +2
Leslie Hawkins   Paul Harris Fellow+3
Elaine Terry   Paul Harris Fellow+3
Neil Deppe   Paul Harris Fellow+4
John Ruland   Paul Harris Fellow+4
Bill Demeroutis   Paul Harris Fellow+7
Anonymous  Paul Harris Fellow + 8
The Rotary International Foundation funds world wide programs in all six areas of focus.  We are grateful to all our members who reached in their pockets to support the Rotary Foundation and make a difference.
Virtual District Governor Installation
·      On Sunday, June 28, at 2:00 pm, was our first ever Virtual District Governor Installation of Diane Ventura-Goodyear.  Our District Governor-Elect and Governor-Nominee, other District Officers, AGs and the Executive AG will be sworn in at this time. 
Featured at the International Convention
Liese Razzeto and Linda Leigh
This photo of our COVID-19 project was featured at the closing ceremonies of the Rotary International Convention.  Members of our club worked with volunteers to provide 7,000 pounds of fresh produce to families in the Copper Corridor.  Liese Razzeto and Dan Watkins represented our club for this community service project.
Celebrating Our Interact Graduates
Last evening (Friday) San Manuel graduated 39 seniors. Thirteen of them are members of Interact. The ceremony was held outside and each graduating student was allowed to bring four guests. A recorded video is on Facebook here:
The two students who spoke were salutatorian Bailee Hill and valedictorian Araceli Curry. Both are in Interact, and both visited our club as Students-of-the-Month. Bailee begins talking at about the eleven-minute point on the video, and Araceli begins about three minutes later. Araceli gave a remarkable speech, The sound quality is not the best, but I think you will like hearing what she had to say. I would have been inspired at any graduation level to have heard it. If you hang in there for some of the presentations of diplomas, you will hear announcements of our Rotary scholarships.

Fore For Kids Golf Fundraiser has been moved to Monday, September 28th
Virtual End Of Convention Party
Join Us!
Friday, June 26th at 5pm
for a post-RI Virtual Convention
Virtual Happy Hour!

Location:  Your favorite chair
Dress Code:  Hawaiian
Cocktail Options:  Paper Umbrella encouraged

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It's Almost New Rotary Year
Get Set Up With Zoom
Get set up with Zoom so we can stay in touch!
District 5500 has asked us all to stay in touch and meet though Zoom, if needed.  The hardest part is signing up, and that's not too bad! However, if you need help to get this set up, please just let Barbara Barr know!  We'd be happy to even come to your home and help! Here's how you do it!
1.  Go to
2.  When you are on the Zoom homepage, go to the upper righthand corder and click on the blue button that says: "SIGN UP, IT'S FREE"
3.  A new page will open that will ask for your email address.  Fill in your correct email address and click on the blue button that says: "SIGN UP"
4   Another new page will open that tells you they have sent you an email.  Check your email!
5.  In your email, find your message from Zoom.  Open the email and click on the blue button that says: "Activate Account"
6.  Another new page will open.  Fill in your name and make a password. After you confirm your password, click on the orange button that says: "Continue"
7.  Another new page will open asking you to invite people to Zoom.  If you are not going to invite colleagues, family or friends, then click on the white button on the lower right corner that says: "Skip this step".  If you are comfortable with technology and want to use Zoom to communicate with friends and family or hold meetings, follow the directions from Zoom.
8.  Another new page will open.  If you are just wanting to use this program to attend Rotary meetings, you are DONE.  

NOTE:  You will receive an email from Zoom when we have a meeting.  The email will give you a date and time of the meeting.  It will also give you a link to the meeting.  Put the date and time on your calendar, and SAVE THE EMAIL!  When it's time for the meeting, you just go back to the email about the meeting, and click on the link to the meeting.  Zoom will ask you about using your audio and microphone.  Just click on  "YES" and enjoy the meeting.
ShelterBox and COVID 19
Don Jorgensen
It was a real treat to have Don Jorgensen give us the latest update on  ShelterBox during COVID-19.  The ShelterBox program has had many new challenges with the advent of COVID-19.
YouTube Directions on Zoom
YouTube Video Directions to Use Zoom 
Everyone learns differently!  You may be more comfortable reading directions or watching a video.  If you aren't set up on Zoom yet, this video may be helpful.
If you are still having trouble getting set up on Zoom, Rotary Tech Support makes house calls and personal training.  Just contact Barbara to set that up!
Getting To Know Eric Erickson
Eric Erickson
Eric Erickson had a phenomenal career path before going into business for himself working with portfolio diversification.  Members were treated to Eric's biography as well as information about his work with investments.  Eric has been a member of our club for only a little over a year.  Yet he jumped right in and made a difference working with a number of committees.  Eric has been involved on the board of the foundation and works very hard with the Fore For Kids Charity Golf Tournaments.  
Getting to Know Barbara Barr
Barbara Barr
At our June 11th meeting, members got better acquainted with member, Barbara Barr.  While Barbara has only been in Arizona for 3 1/2 years, she's been working hard for The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke as a club board member, Public Relations, Secretary, President Elect and President.  She's spent over 40 years in education and training, including elementary education, corporate training, technology training, and wellness training and eduction.
Getting To Know Joe  Dylewski
Getting to know Joe Dylewski
It was so great for members of the club to get better acquainted with our fellow Rotarian, Joe Dylewski.  Joe has been a long time member of our club and has served in many positions as an officer and a director of the club.  He's also been President of our club.  It was so interesting to learn about his military career and starting his own office with Edward Jones.  
Getting to Know Mark Phelps
It was great to get know Mark Phelps better!
At our June 4th meeting, our members got better acquainted with member Mark Phelps.  Mark and his family have been leaders in the Copper Corridor community for generations.  Mark has been a very active member in our club for many years. He's always done so much to support our club and our members.  
If Plan A doesn't work, we still have 26 letters in the alphabet!
And after the 25 letters, we can go to lots of numbers!
Be sure to refresh or reload your browser for the latest information!
While things are changing minute by minute, here's where we are right now, Sunday, May 17th at 10:30am:

1. Watch for weekly updates in your bulletin. Please watch your email for up-to-date information. Summaries of the latest information will be on the website at
2. We will ZOOM at NOON for our club meetings until further notice. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR DIRECTIONS!
3. HOA 1 still has no information on when they will be allowing groups to assemble in the clubhouse again. As soon as they know more, they will inform us. At this point they continue to have socially distance golf. They will open up the swimming and lap pools on Friday, May 22nd. On June 1st, they plan to open the Fitness Center.  It sounds like we will be continuing to meet on Zoom for quite a while!
4. The Fore For Kids will be postponed until Monday, September 28th!  Please save the date!
5.  Members of the Board of Directors have been calling all our club members to check on them.  At our board meeting on May 14th, we decided to check with the club members on each board member's list. We would like to check on our club members as each member would like us to follow up with them.  We are happy to taylor our follow up to your needs. We care about our members!
6.  The Community Service Committee has a subcommittee to help us serve those in need in our community. Joe and Wendy Guyton have volunteered to head up this subcommittee.  Stay tuned for more information and to find out how to help!
Know that each and everyone one of our members and Amigos are in our thoughts and prayers! 
Please let us know your needs! We are here to support each other!
Be sure to refresh or reload your browser for the latest information!
Copper Corridor Produce Delivery Part 2
Left to Right;  Liese Razzeto, Linda Racheal, Leslie Hawkins, Donna Birch, and Marie Speckhart
This was taken at our second Copper Corridor Produce Project. Members of our club donated money to purchase produce, provided trucks and drivers to deliver the produce, and helped organize and distribute produce.  Now that our club has assisted with the produce delivery twice, the program is now self sustaining.
District Governor Elect Visit
District Governor Elect, Diane Ventura-Goodyear
The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke was treated to a visit from District Governor Elect, Diane Ventura-Goodyear, via ZOOM.  Diane gave a Rotary Forecast and talked about the importance of being able to change.
Hangin With Our Rotary Friends
It was fun to gather with our Rotary friends at our meeting on Thursday, May 21st!
In and Out of Africa
Craig and Cheryl Stokely
Craig Stokely treated our club to a video of his adventure on an African safari with Cheryl.  The exceptional photography was set to incredible music selection.  You can see and hear this amazing video at:
The Annual Meeting of the Foundation
Old and New members of the Foundation Board
The Foundation closed out the 2019-2020 year with its Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 21st.  Under the leadership of President Gary Terrell, the Foundation supported the club in making a difference. 
Missing Our Friends
Our Zoom at Noon Meeting from Thursday, May 14th.
We all miss getting together weekly for lunch, fellowship, and life long learning through our programs. A lot of us have been enjoying getting together on Zoom, but it 's NOT THE SAME!  On the plus side, at least we are able to get together, and our snowbirds still get to attend the meeting. On the down side, we sure miss our Rotary friends who don't use technology or who cannot attend!  But those who cannot attend, or still in our thoughts and prayers! 
Polio Immunizations in West Africa
Teree Bergman, Polio Plus Chair of District 5500
We were delighted to have Teree Bergman share her program on immunizing children in West Africa at our last meeting.  Teree had prepared a beautiful video on the experience.
We Were On The Telethon!
The Rotary International COVID-19 Telethon
On Saturday, Rotary International hosted an international telethon to raise funds to fight COVID-19 around the world.  The program included club projects from all over the world. Consider for a moment that Rotary is in more countries around the world than the Red Cross!  The "Big West" Zones (Zones 26 and 27) put together a video of projects in our zones. Included was Liese Razeeto's photo at our Cooper Corridor Produce Project. You can see the "Big West" video on our Facebook Page (  The Video is qued up at the beginning of the "Big West" projects at  However, it wants to start at the beginning of the program. Get to the "Big West" video, forward to 29.35.  Please NOTE: This is a huge file and takes a while to load.
Our Scholarship Committee
Many thanks to our amazing Scholarship Committee.  They have been working so hard to evaluate applications for our scholarships and select the top candidates.  Under the leadership of chair Leslie Hawkins, members of the committee include Stephen Argentati, Rudi Faller, Frank Granberg, Wendy Harn, Liese Razzeto, John Ruland, and Wolf Tombe.  Thank you all for helping our club make a difference and touch the lives or our area youth.
Special Community Services Committee
Starting from the top and going left to right:  Paul Herr, Barbara Barr, Joe Guyton, Liese Razzeto, Dan Watson, Harvey Smith, Wendy Guyton, and Doug May.
At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rotary International President Mark Maloney challenged all Rotarians to take leadership roles to do all they could to make a difference.  Joe and Wendy Guyton heard that call and approached Barbara Barr about starting a special committee to work with COVID-19 emergencies.  Working with Community Services Committee Chair, Joe Dylewski, a plan was made to make a difference and work was begun.  Joining the Guytons on this quest were Barbara Barr, Paul Herr, Doug May, Liese Razzeto, Harvey Smith, and Dan Watson. Thank you all for your work on this committee.  Thanks for helping our club to really make a difference during these troubled times.
Tom Turriff's Story
Tom Turriff inspired club member at our April 30th Meeting.
On April 30th, members of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke enjoyed getting together for fellowship and a wonderful program by Tom Turriff.  Tom shared his personal story with alcoholism, and how he overcame the disease. Thank you, Tom, for sharing and inspiring our club members.
Copper Corridor Produce Project Part Deaux
The Copper Corridor Produce Project Part 2 is coming May 9th.
The next Copper Corridor Produce Distribution will Saturday, May 9th.  This should be very helpful the day before Mothers' Day, when so many families try to prepare special meals to honor mothers. Last time 7,000 pounds of produce went in 29 minutes, so this time we will get twice as much produce, or 14,000 pounds.  Plans are in the works to deliver in Mammoth, San Manuel, and Oracle.  Many thanks to Joe and Wendy Guyton, who came up with he concept of having a committee to assist with COVID-19 emergencies.  Also many thanks to Doug May, who was so instrumental in helping us develop this program.  Other members of this committee include Barbara Barr, Liese Razzeto, Harvey Smith, and Dan Watson. Donations for the program can be made by check to Paul Herr, by credit card to Joe Guyton, or through our website:
Making A Difference  
Ed Treick speaks on Making a Difference in the Lives of the Disadvantaged
Ed Treick shared stories about the work he has done with the disadvantaged.  So many lives has been changed because of his work.  As this year's Chair of the Vocation Committee, Ed has been laying the ground work for a number of wonderful projects, including a project to work with business owners in our local area. While many of this year's projects were cut short during the COVID-19 Shut Down - just wait until next year!
Club History
Jim Pfeifer gave a wonderful program on the founding of our Rotary club in 1997.
The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke was treated to the history of our club by founding member, Jim Pfeifer.  Adding to the fun was a visit from Doris Clatanoff, who was the 4th president of the club and the first woman president of the club. Doris is an honorary member who currently resides in Scottsdale.  Members were very eager to hear more about our history.
Thank You Team FFK
Celebrating the Fore For Kids Committee
The 22nd Fore For Kids Annual Golf Tournament might have been postponed, but we celebrated all the hard work that went into the event. Many thanks to Gordon Wainwright, Leslie Fromm, Paul Herr, Eric Erickson, Joe Guyton, Wendy Guyton, Leslie Hawkins, and Liese Razzeto, who have worked to hard on our major fundraiser. Many thanks to the other members who came to celebrate our hard working Fore For Kids team!
We're On You Tube
Our first video is on YouTube!  Check it our at
Celebrate the FFK Team
Monday April 13th is the date we were supposed to hold Fore For Kids!
The Fore For Kids team is way ahead of schedule !!!!!
The team is way over goal on Sponsors !!!!!
They have 128 golfers !!!!!!
The 22nd Fore for Kids was under budget !!!!!
The 22nd Annual Fore For Kids was going to be one of our most profitable fundraisers.
And then we were hit with a pandemic!
Help us recognize and celebrate all our Fore For Kids team members 
who have been working on this for more than a year!
Monday, April 13th
5:00 pm
Dress: casual, BYOB, BYOA (Appetizer)
Members and Amigos will receive an email with ZOOM details.
The COVID-19 Emergency Committee
Members of the COVID-19 Emergency Ad Hoc Committee from Left to Right and Top to Bottom:  Paul Herr, Barbara Barr, Joe Guyton (chair), Liese Razzeto (Go-Fer), Dan Watson (early bird delivery), Harvey Smith, Wendy Guyton (co-chair), and Doug May (Liaison with Oracle organizers).
A very special thank you to this ad hoc committee who worked with community leaders in Oracle to deliver 7,000 pounds of food to those in need in the Cooper Corridor.  With funds from the Diana Madaras Fundraiser and $500 from District 5500, arrangements were made to deliver fresh produce to hundreds of families in need. Many thanks to Dan Watson and Liese Razzeto for some great photos!
The Oracle Community Announcment Sign
Dan Watson meets the parade of trucks who picked up the produce in Marana.
Liese Razzeto and Linda Leigh prepare boxes of produce for families in need.
The produce delivery was supposed to begin at 2:00, but at 12:30 there were more than 100 cars in line. To elevate traffic issues for the mile long line of cars, the delivery started at 1:30 and all 7,000 pounds of produce was gone in 29 minutes. Only half the cars waiting in line received a box of produce. The produce delivery was over before 2:00 when it was supposed to begin.
Artificial Intelligence
Thank you Wolf Tombe for an amazing program on the subject of Artificial Intelligence.  Wolf riveted the club with fascinating information on this subject. Members of the club had excellent questions about the ramifications of Artificial Intelligence!
37 Members Attend 3rd Zoom Meeting
37 Rotarians and Amigos gathered on last Thursdays  ZOOM at NOON, our 3rd Zoom Club Meeting.
We've now had 3 club meetings on Zoom.  Each week our numbers of participants grow!  Many thanks to A.T. Barr who has been teaching members how to Zoom!
Rotary in Russia
Col. Charles T. Heberle III,  the coordinator of Rotary activities between the USA and Russia. 
Members and guests of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke were in for a real treat as Col. Charles T. Heberle III,  the coordinator of Rotary activities between the USA and Russia, described Rotary in Russia.  A number of Rotrains from around District 5500 visited the meeting. Many thanks to Doug May for arranging this program.
COVID-19 Emergencies Committee
The COVID-19 Emergencies Task force. From left to right and top to bottom:: Joe Guyton and Barbara Barr, Liese Razzeto and Harvey Smith, and Wendy Guyton and Doug May.  Not pictured: Dan Watson. 
More and more people are going on our ZOOM at NOON each Thursday at noon.  
Hope to see you there this week!

Liesa Razeeto used PowerPoint to share her biography last week!
Since we've been meeting on Zoom, we have had two wonderful biographies.  At our first Zoom meeting, President Elect Joe Guyton gave his biography. At our second meeting, President Nominee Liese Razzeto gave her Biography.  Next week we will have a speaker talk about Rotary in Russia.
Leadership with John Maxwell
Members of the club, and about 15,000 other people, watched the first of 3 episodes of John Maxwell's "Leadership Through Crisis" on Facebook LIVE.
John Maxwell, one of the foremost authors and speakers on leadership, has a FREE summit on Facebook LIVE for the next 3 days.  These are available at 9:00am Arizona time on Sunday, March 22; Monday, March 23. and Tuesday March 24th. Even is you don't consider yourself as a leader, John's messages have some very good advice and understanding for all of us. You will probably find a lot of comfort in his messages. They are available on the Facebook page of John C. Maxwell, which is:

There was so much meat in today's Facebook LIVE that I just watched and listened the first time I saw this on LIVE. Then I streamed the summit again to take notes.  The program is actually over an hour long, but I stopped it so many times to write down notes that it took me a couple of hours to watch it and take notes. I was glad that I already had taken so many of John Maxwell's classes. While there is tons of great information, here's a warning that it will get a little salesy at the very end. After all, John Maxwell is in business to train leaders and make a living. But this happens after the first hour.
I tried to set up a Facebook Watch Party for this video.  However, I could not find any of those controls on this Facebook LIVE. I don't know if they have adjusted their settings, or if I just don't know enough about it.  If you know how to set up a Watch Party, I would appreciate your help! 

Because this is recorded on Facebook LIVE, you must be on Facebook in order to see it. However, it's also continues to be available on John C. Maxwell's Facebook page to watch any time at your convenience. So if you miss the LIVE at 9:00 am, or you want to see the replay, it is available.
ZOOM at NOON Each Thursday at noon until we meet again!
This is NOT our first ZOOM at NOON meeting.  I wish I had been on the ball enough to take a photo of our first Zoom meeting.  But this photo gives you an idea of what a Zoom meeting looks like.  At our first ZOOM at NOON, we had 24 members in attendance.  We also have had 3 committee meetings and a board meeting on Zoom.  So your Rotary club is still hard at work, trying to make our local and global community a better place.

Our club has purchased a Zoom month to month license so all our members can use it to stay in touch, hold committee meetings, and connect at weekly club meetings.  We know that not all our members are comfortable with computers, so we are now set up for you to call into a Zoom meeting on a telephone, if that works better for you.

To get set up on, there are written and video directions on the website and in the bulletin.  Our club also has Rotary tech support that not only comes to your house, but also trains you how to use Zoom.  It's actually very easy to use the program once Zoom is set up on your computer. If you need more help on Zoom, just email Barbara!

A while before a Zoom meeting, you will receive an email with a link to the meeting. If I am doing the meeting, you will also see a reminder 15 minutes before the meeting. If another committee chair or Rotarian is doing a meeting, they may or may not send a reminder 15 minutes before the meeting. Just open your email and click on the link. It's that EZ! Then tell your computer, or other technology, to open Zoom. That's all!

Looking forward to seeing even more people at this week's ZOOM at NOON!
Find Out March 30th
The Whistle Blower
Former Amigo, Craig Stokley, is now a permanent SaddleBrooke Rotary Member.  Craig has stepped up to keep all of our Amigo Members in line.  Barbara Barr awards Craig with a whistle and a Service Above Self pin to aid in his efforts.
Tri-Community Food Bank
Lori Ward spoke to us about changes to the SaddleBrooke Food Drive this year due to the Corona Virus.  Last year, SaddleBrooke donated $21,000 to tbe drive.  This year, only cash donations will be accepted.
Water Sanitation & Hygiene Month
SaddleBrooke Resident, Bruce Hale, spent his career as a Scientist in the Water Industry.  "We won't run out of water in SaddleBrooke if we are thoughtful about how we use it"
Honoring Joe Dylewski
Joe Dylewski receives the Service Above Self Award
It started off as just another Rotary meeting, when all of a sudden, one of our member had a medical issue. Jumping up from the table, Joe assisted the member,  contacted the member's spouse, and drove the member to the ER.  As family was not able to help, Joe stayed with the member for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening while they secured medical assistance. As this was one of the most active trading days on the stock market, you know Joe Dylewski went way beyond the Rotary moto, "Service Above Self".
We saved Joe's Lunch from the previous week!
Since we're a club that tries to have fun, we kiddied Joe that since he missed eating the previous week's lunch, we saved his lunch for him!
Welcome New Member
Left to Right:  Ed Birch, Donna Birch, Barbara Barr, and Wendy Guyton
We were so happy to warmly welcome Donna Birch into our Rotary Family.  With Donna is her husband of almost 50 years, Ed.  As Barbara Barr placed the club's signature pin, the Kokopelli, on Donna, Wendy Guyton performed a beautiful induction.  Wendy wrote a heartwarming induction ceremony to welcome our new members.
The Wisdom of H.J. Punch Howarth
H.J. Punch Howarth
Members of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke enjoyed the wisdom of H.J. Punch Howarth as he shared his tale of "An Unexpected Retirement".
2nd Annual Day of Peace
District 5500 Day of Peace
April 4, 2020
9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Truly Nolen Leadership Center
436 S. Williams Blvd. (in the Williams Center)
Tucson, AZ 85711
Registration is on our District website.  Cost is $25.00 which includes registration, continental breakfast, and lunch.
Join us for our 2nd Annual Day of Peace! Rotarians are taking action to address the underlying causes of conflict, including poverty, ethnic tensions and lack of access to education.  We refuse to accept conflict as a way of life. We will find out more about Rotary’s long-time passion for peace at our second annual Day of Peace and why it’s more important than ever to learn and understand the importance of peace. Inspirational speakers such as our very own Rabbi Stephanie Aaron, Mayor Regina Romero and 2-time Peace Fellow, Mark Flanigan, will be featured. We are excited about having our talented Nina Trasoff as the Panel Moderator. We will also have an afternoon interactive program led by Communication Specialists from Tucson’s Center for Community Dialogue as we discuss the Neurobiology of Conflict, how to identify Judgmental Bias, and how our clubs can become Peacebuilder Clubs. Please consider this a personal invitation from fellow Rotarians, Ellie Patterson, your DG, and Joe Daniszewski, District Peace Projects Chair.
“The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.” Carlos Santana
Thank You Tom & Barbara
Barbara and Tom Turriff
Jim Pfeifer, Liese Razzeto, Pepper Pfeifer, Mike Razzeto, Neil Deppe, and Bill Fry.
Barbara Barr, Neil Deppe, Ed Treick, Bill Fry, and John Ruland,
SaddleBrooke Rotary's Socials are always so much fun!  Tom and Barbara Turriff hosted the party on Friday 2-28.  The views from their new home are spectacular and they were the consummate host and hostess.  Friendship and Food were the order of the evening.  
Honoring Ed Treick
Ed Treick and Barbara Barr
Ed Treick was honored for his many years of service to Rotary, both in Wisconsin, and here in SaddleBrooke.  Ed has been active with our Foundation for many years.  Currently Ed chairs the Vocational Committee.  Thanks for al you do to make the world a better place, Ed!
What's Up In Oro Valley
Omar Cruz (The Roadrunners Team), Dave Perry (President & CEO of the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce), and Barbara Barr (President of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke)
Our club always loves it when we hear Dave Perry speak about what's going on in Oro Valley.  As President and CEO of the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce, Dave knows everything.  We are fortunate to have an amazing city like Oro Valley as our closest large city.  Dave also brought Omar Cruze, of the Tucson Roadrunners, to the meeting.  Omar is arranging for Dusty the Roadrunner to appear at our golf tournament!
115 Years Ago Today
Happy Birthday Rotary International! 
Our Four Founders
115 years ago today, these four became the FIRST ROTARIANS!
Newly Ordainded Members
Wendy Guyton welcomes Craig Stokely and Leise Rizzeto as permanent SaddleBrooke Rotary Club members.
Joe Delewski...Service Above Self
Joe Delewski has been a key member in many areas of our club for years.  Thank you Joe for your long standing support!
VOSH Arizona
Barbara Barr joins speaker, Dr. Dan Twelker.  Dr. Twelker is a past President of VOSH Arizona and the current President of VOSH International.  Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity, VOSH, treats almost 150,000 patients at no cost.  
Save The  Date
Save the date for District 5500 Conference 2020!  It would be a good idea to book your reservation soon!
Sister Jose Women's Center
Barbara Barr joins Jean Fedigan, founder of Sister Jose Women's Center in Downtown Tucson.  An Angel among us, Jean helps homeless women with food and rest at her large facility in the heart of the Old Pueblo.  Thank you Jean for your kindness!
Every Rotarian Every Year
Tom Turriff, Rotary International Foundation Chair
Tom Turriff announced some special incentives for contributing to Every Rotarian Every Year.  Remember, these special incentives are only good until the end of the month! 
Rotarian of the Month
Sheila Tuhy, Rotarian of the Month for February
The programs for the month of February are brought to you by Sheila Tuhy.  Sheila's amazing eloquence makes her the perfect Mistress of Ceremonies as she introduces the speakers. And boy, does she have GREAT plans for this month!
Honoring Emerson Knowles
Emerson Knowles and Barbara Barr
Emerson Knowles was honored for his many contributions to the club.  In addition to being a major sponsor for the Fore Fore Kids Fundraiser, he has also been an emcee again and again.  Emerson has taken the leadership in our Veterans Day program and is a regular speaker.
Honoring Elaine Terry
Elaine Terry and Barbara Barr
Elaine Terry was honored as the Rotarian of the Quarter for her work on membership retention.  Elaine spent many hours interviewing our members.  In an anonymous interview, Elaine gathered suggestions and ideas from our members.  The anonymous suggestions and ideas were then presented to the board.
Emerson's Financial Forecast
Emerson's 2020 Financial Forecast
Emerson Knowles treated the club to his Financial Forecast for 2020.  We always look forward to this presentation each year.  It's great to get Emerson's expertise on such an important topic.
Honoring Melissa Hawkin's Farm Bureau
Left to Right:  Bob Chirstodore (2019 Fore For Kids Tournament Director), Barbara Barr (President 2019-2020), Melissa Hawkins (Melissa Hawkins Farm Bureau), Gordon Wainwright (2020 Fore For Kids Tournament Director), and Doug May (President 2018-2019).
Melissa Hawkins was honored for her support for the 2019 Fore For Kids Golf Tournament.  Not only was her agency a sponsor for the fundraiser, but Melissa was also fundamental to the success of the event.  Melissa chaired the silent auction and wine pull.  Her leadership was instrumental to the tournament.
Honoring Sheila Tuhy
Sheila Tuhy and Barbara Barr
Sheila Tuhy was honored with a Service Above Self pin for her work for The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke.  Sheila jumped right in as a volunteer for projects and hosting club gatherings.  She attended the first session of RLI and has been leading our Youth Services Committee.  Thank you Sheila for helping us make a difference.
The Four Way Test
Barbara Barr and Fred Lowy
Fred Lowy read part of the story of the history of the Four Way Test.  While we didn't have time to devote to the entire story, you can read more at:
Dan Watson on Building a Home in a Day!
Dan Watkins spoke on building a home in a day.
For 13 years, Dan Watson has headed up a Rotary project in Baja California.  His club has been building a home in a day for a deserving family across the border.  Dan shared an amazing video, created by his wife, Kathy.
RLI Graduation
The 2020 Class of the Rotary District 5500's Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI).
Left to Right:  Fred Shirley (Sierra Vista), Barbara Barr (The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke) Sheila Chavez (Casa Grande), Ellie Patterson (District Governor), Joe Guyton (RLI Chair), Larry Hampton (Sierra Vista West), and Willis Horak (Casas Adobes).
SaddleBrooke Rotary New Club Members
Wow!  New Member Chairman, Wendy Guyton, welcomes four new Club Members!  L to R  Bill Bell, Susan Bell, Bre Zientarski and Harvey Smith.
New Amigo
Barbara Barr and Joe Guyton welcome new Club Amigo Member, Eric Zientarski, to SaddleBrooke Rotary.
San Manuel Students Of The Month
L to R Savanna Roan, Tamara Cano, Celeste Large, Joe Dylewski.
RYLA Students
Doug May joins Rotary Youth Leadership Association Students.
L to R Doug May, Karyme Young, Araceli Curry, Marialena Molina
Attracting New Members
Wendy Guyton, New Membership Chairman and Barbara Barr, President, introduce a training to help the entire club attract new members.  
Honoring John Ruland
John Ruland and Barbara Barr with John's Service Above Self Award to help him continue training his amazing dog, The Kid.
John Ruland was awarded a Service Above Self Pin for his ongoing work in behalf of the club.  Throughout his years in the club, John has always been on either the Board of Directors for the club or for our foundation.  John steps up to help wherever he is needed, whether it be an office, a board member, a judge in the 4 way speech contest, or help with our huge International Grant in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.  We thank you John for all you do!
Tom Turriff on the Rotary International Foundation
Past President and current Rotary International Foundation Chair, Tom Turriff.
Tom Turriff presented some interesting club history on our part of the Rotary International Foundation.  Tom is working on 100% participation for Every Rotarian Every Year and setting up some special programs for Paul Harris recipients.
Doug May on Vietnam
Barbara Barr and Doug May.  Our speakers select a children's book to autograph, then the club donates the book to the bookroom at Kids Closet, where clients select books.
At our last meeting, Doug May spoke on Vietnam.  He included the history of the Vietnam War as well as his experiences.  Club members and guests were even able to see how the area looked from a pilot's point of view during all types of weather and at all times of day and night.
New Amigo
Joe Guyton and Barbara Barr welcome new Club Amigo Diane Demeroutis.  Diane is joined by her husband Bill Demeroutis who is an active Club Member.  Thank You Diane and Bill.  
Mark Miller...Our Resident Tax Expert
Our own Mark Miller spoke on the changes to Tax Codes this year.  Thank you Mark for sharing.  Mark Miller is the owner and CPA at MJM Income Tax Inc in Catalina.
Service Above Self:  Tom Nelson
President Barbara Barr recognizes Tom Nelson who was visiting our club.  Tom is a Past President of the Bisbee Club and our current District 5500 Registrar and Photographer.
Our January 2nd Meeting
It's always so great to spend Thursday lunch with these awesome people!
The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona
District Governor-Elect: Diane Ventura-Goodyear
The District Governor-Elect, Diane Ventura-Goodyear, spoke to the club about the Arizona fund for vocational education. The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA) is a 503c designed to support dedicated individuals in their pursuit for a better life.  The fund provides scholarships for these individuals to obtain the necessary training and education for a better job.  Last summer we enjoyed working with 3 candidates for the scholarship.  It was a real eyeopener for us as we learned about these candidates and how hard they had worked to get a better life.  Currently the fund is out of money, so we are looking at making a donation from our club.
Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI)
Joe Guyton explains the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) to the club.
The head of the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI), Joe Guyton, explained the program to members and guests of The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke.  The club believes so strongly in this program, that it pays registrations for all members who attend.  Almost all of our members have attended and are somewhere in the 3 year process.  Rotary is always changing, so those who have not attended RLI are encouraged to go again. New members are also encouraged to attend.  As of this writing, we have 5 members attending, and we are excited.  But there is still room for more members!  You can register at:
Paul Harris  Awards
Left to Right:  Elaine Terry (Paul Harris + 2), District Governor-Elect Diane Ventura-Goodyear, and Tom Turriff.
Left to Right: John Ruland (Paul Harris + 3), District Governor Elect Diane Ventura Goodyear, and Tom Turriff
Congratulations to Elaine Terry and John Ruland who both received new Paul Harris awards.  Elaine is now + 2 and John is + 3.  District Governor Elect Diane Ventura-Goodyear just happened to be our speaker this week, so she was on hand to assist with the celebration.  Tom Turriff delivered a very meaningful ceremony to celebrate this tremendous event.
Mark Miller Honored
Mark Miller was honored with a Service Above Self Pin
Mark Miller was honored for his work with the club.  Lately Mark has worked with a challenging International Grant.  His understanding of cultures, languages, and his patience have made a difference in helping our club to make a difference.  Our International Project provides clean drinking water in 25 schools in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.
Our December 12th Meeting
Happiness is spending time with these great people every Thursday!
Leslie Hawkins Honored
Leslie Hawkins and Barbara Barr
At the December 12th meeting, Leslie Hawkins was honored with the "Service Above Self" Pin.  This is Leslie's third Rotary Club.  During her career in hospital administration, Leslie was a member of Rotary Clubs on both the east and west coast. and served as President of one of the clubs.  Leslie planned an amazing Christmas Party with her amazing organizational skills.  She currently serves on the Foundation Board of Directors where she serves as the Chair of the Scholarship Committee.  Leslie is also on the Membership Committee.  We appreciate all the work Leslie does in Rotary to help make the world a better place!
Merry Christmas
Wishing a Merry Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah
Sending warm wishes to our friends who celebrate Hanukkah!
Adopting  Kids for Christmas
Members of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke adopted 17 children at IMPACT of Southern Arizona. We are very grateful for those who helped us bring Christmas to 17 area children. Many thanks to our Community Service Chair, Joe Dylewski, who headed up the drive!
The Food Bank Elves
Only a dozen of us were still in town to pack meals for the Food Bank. But our fearless Community Service Chair, Joe Dylewski, figured out a new system, and we packed food for over 150 families in a record 35 minutes. And we had fun doing it! Left to Right in the front: Joe Guyton, Joe Dylewski, Leslie Hawkins, and Eric Erickson. Left to right in the back row: Barbara Barr, Wendy Guyton, Neil Deppe, Jim Fry, Gordon Wainwright, Chris Millar, Paul Herr, and Bill Demeroutis drinking the peanut butter. Only Bill would do that!
Wellcome Wendy Harn!
Our NEWEST member, Wendy Harn, and President Barbara Barr
Wendy Harn is our 8th new member this year.  Wendy is an attorney and partner at Morris Hall PLLC.  Wendy and her husband Steve, a Detective with the Tucson Police, have 3 sons who are ALL Eagle Scouts.  Wendy and her family are very involved in making a difference.
Santa Claus Came to Rotary
Left to Right: Gary Terrell, Liese Razzeto, Bill Demeroutis, Santa, Susan Bell, Bill Bell, and Jim Fry.
Left to Right: Elaine Terry, Leslie Hawkins, Gordon Wainwright, Wendy Harn, and Santa.
Left to Right:  Neil Deppe, Bill "Doc" Pohnert, Joe Dylewski, Santa, Sheila Tuhy, Elaine Wolters, and Dan Watson.
Left to Right:  Wolf Tombe, Ed Treick, Bill Jenson, Frank Granberg, Santa, Tom Turriff, and Chris Millar.
Left to Right:  Joe Guyton, A.T. Barr, Linda Bradner, Santa, John Ruland, Paul Herr, Harvey Smith, and Wendy Guyton.
There are another 8 or 10 members who didn't get get their picture taken with Santa.  We tried to get everyone in the photos!
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Left to Right Heather Freeman Wainwright, Linda Bradner, Elaine Terry, Dorothy Herr, Leslie Hawkins, Liese Razzeto, Christianne Millar, Diane Demeroutis, Kathy Watson, MeriLee Jones, and Barbara Barr.  It seems like the "Happy Song" was the favorite of all the women.

This is the other end of the dance floor, but we still don't have everyone in the photo:  Left to right: Wendy Guyton, Heather Freeman Wainwright, Liz Denbo, Patsy Ticknor, Elaine Terry, Dorothy Herr, Linda Bradner, Leslie Hawkins, and Liese Razzeto.  Many of these women helped us close the club down that night!
Rotary Is Family Christmas Celebration
Left to Right:  Bre and Eric Zientarski, Liz Denbo and Rudi Faller, and Patsy and Brian Ticknor.
Pepper and Jim Pfeifer.                                 Gordon Wainwright and Heather Freman Wainwright
Watch for more photos or our 2019 Christmas Celebration.  Also check out our Facebook Page at
Oh What  A Party
Left to Right: President Barbara Barr, Christmas Party Chair Leslie Hawkins and Family of Rotary Chair Elaine Terry.
These two members made it all happen.  A H.U.G.E. thank you to Leslie Hawkins for an amazing Christmas Party. Also, thanks to Elaine Terry for helping Leslie with this huge project! This was one amazing party and everyone had a great time.  We actually closed down the club because everyone had so much fun!
Super Heroes
Left to Right:  Barbara Barr, Michelle Santorelli, Barbara McClure, and Bob Kielsa of Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge
Barbara McClure hosts a talk show for Tucson Business Radio called Non-Profit Super Heroes!  She hosted a remote radio show on Monday, November 25.  This was held at the Golder Ranch Fire District Training Room before we gave out Thanksgiving Meals.
Be a blessing!
Left to Right Back Row:  Gordon Wainwright and Bill Demeroutis.
Left to Right Front Row: Neil Deppe, Linda Bradner, Wendy Guyton, IMPACT Board Member, Barbara Barr and A.T. Barr.
Left To Right: Chris Millar, Don Terry, Elaine Terry, Wendy Harn, Wendy's Office Assistant, Liese Razzeto, Barbara Barr and Jim Fry
Left to Right:  Paul Herr, Rudi Faller, and Joe Guyton
Left to Right:  Doug May, Joe Dylewski, Jeff McClure, and Paul Herr
This year our club helped to provide Thanksgiving meals to 300 families.  This annual project is a partnership with IMPACT of Southern Arizona, The Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge, The Golder Ranch Fire Department and Walmart.
Party With A Purpose
Holiday in the Desert
The MountainView Ballroom was packed as SaddleBrooke and area residents gathered to raise money for charities.  The room was very noisy as everyone had a great time gathering together.  What a party!  To see even more photos of the event, check out our Facebook page:
Holiday In The Desert Sponsors
Our major sponsor, FAIRWINDS DESERT POINT (Krista Kiley-Sweeet)
And all seasons, a new retirement area by the Oro Valley Hospital
Many thanks to our two sponsors FAIRWINDS DESERT POINT and all seasons.  Thanks to their sponsorship, the adult beverages and appetizers were covered, so all proceeds collected go straight to charity.  We are so grateful for their sponsorship!
SaddleBrooke Rotary Welcomes District Govenor, Ellie Patterson and Assistant District Govenor Marc Snow 
1.  Assistant Govenor, Marc Snow welecomes District 5500 District Govenor Ellie Patterson to the stage.
2.  Ellie Patterson awards last year's SaddleBrooke Rotary Club's President, Doug May, with an award for our financial support for End Polio Now.
3.  Ellie Patterson and Barbara Barr Award Liese Razzeto with the "Service Above Self" Award for her Unsurpassed Club Support.
4.  Wendy Guyton, Membership Chair, welcomes new member, Dan Watson, joined by wife Kathy, to the club.  Frank Gramberg, was also inducted to SaddleBrooke Rotary.  He is joined by his wife, Mary.
"Holiday In The Desert"
"Over the River and Through the Woods"
This Saturday is our fall fundraiser, "Holiday in the Desert", held at the MountainView Ballroom from 1 to 3 pm.  There will be all kinds of great gifts in all price ranges.  There will also be lots of prizes and drawings.  Don't cha dare miss out on the fun!  $25 tickets include an adult beverage and amazing appetizers!
The World's Largest Fundraiser
Support Liese Razzeto as she rides to end Polio.
This year we will have one member in El Tour de Tucson.  Liese Razzeto will be riding "Miles to End Polio" on Saturday, November 23rd.  Join us in supporting Liese as she raises money to End Polio NOW!   Just click on the link below, to back Liese and be a part of the largest fundraiser in ALL of  Rotary International!  Yes, that's right.  The LARGEST fundraiser for ALL of Rotary International is El Tour de Tucson!
Don't Miss the Christmas Party
Don't miss out on the Christmas Party of the Year!
Sign up with Leslie Hawkings
or Register Online at:
There is ONLY one more meeting to sign up and pay for your ticket!
Left to Right: Joyce Johnson, Wendy Guyton, Liese Razzeto, Leslie Hawkins, and Elaine Terry
The women of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke want all our guys to remember that MO-VEMBER is all about men's health!  We want all our guys to see their doctors regularly and take good care of themselves.  
Next week we will have a MO-MENT to focus more on men's health.  The guys are encouraged to grow a mustache or B.Y.O.M. (Bring Your Own Mustache).  Mustaches will be provided for all those who do not B.Y.O.M.
Honoring Mark Phelps
Barbara Barr and Mark Phelps, owner of Oracle Ford.
Mark Phelps was honored for his work with the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke and his philanthropy in the local area.   Mark and Oracle Ford make a huge difference in the communities in this area.  Mark is such an example of the Rotary motto, Service Above Self.  Barbara Barr awarded Mark a Service above Self pin and gave him a brand new car, a Ford Mustang Mach 1!
Our Busy Interact Club
Doug May updates the club on our busy Interact Club
Doug May shared the Interact Service Project with the Club.  Members of the Interact Club had a work day at the Oracle Learning Garden.  They are working with Linda Leigh, one of the original team members of Biosphere 2.
Arizona Central College
Professor Samuel Colton
Professor Samuel Colton, Sr. is a full time professor of welding technology for Central Arizona College serving the students attending the Aravaipa campus.  He brought 4 students, dressed in ties, white longe sleeved shirts and black slacks. 
Interact Project
Members of the San Manuel Interact Club with Stephen Argentati and Doug May.
Members of the 2019-2020 Interact Club at San Manuel Pre-K to 12th School pitched in on a Saturday to make improvements at the Oracle Community Learning Garden.  Linda Leigh, one of the orginal Biospherians and the director of the project, got plenty of help with the community garden thanks to members of The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke and the Interact Club.  See more pictures at:
District 5500 Foundation Day
Past District Governor and Current District Rotary Foundation Chair, Randy Brooks.
District 5500 held a Foundation Workshop on Saturday, November 9th at the Habitat for Humanity Community Room.  District Rotary Foundation Chair, Randy Brooks, led the workshop.  There were amazing speakers and we learned a lot about the different products.  
Celebrating Our Veterans
Emerson Knowles
Emerson Knowles presented a program on "The Reluctant Heroes" at the Veterans Day Celebration.  You can see the full program at .
Veterans Day Celebration
Members of the Honor Guard
 The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke held its Annual Veterans Day Celebration at the SaddleBrooke One Clubhouse on Thursday, November 7th.  Nearly 100 were in attendance for the event.  To see more photos and videos of the event, go to:
Welcoming Our Newest Member
Left to Right: New member Craig Stokley, his fiancee Cheryl Nance, Membership Chair Wendy Guyton, Mentor Joe Guyton, and President Barbara Barr
Membership Chair Wendy Guyton and Mentor Joe Guyton welcome Craig Stokely into our membership.  Joining Craig is his fiancee Cheryl Nance, who becomes Mrs. Stokely next week.  They will be honeymooning in Antartica.
Fall Book Deliveries
Left to Right:  Liese Razzeto,  Elaine Terry, Chris Millar, Crystle Nehrmeyer, and a classroom teacher.
Christmas came early for students at Mountain Vista PK-8th school in Oracle.  Members of the SaddleBrooke Rotary delivered books to all the classrooms in the school.
Students of the Month
Left to Right:  Students of the Month for September and October, Counselor Terri Simon, Chair of the Student of the Month Program Joe Dylewski, and president Barbara Barr.
Joe Dylewski, Chair of the Student of the Month Program, introduces the recipients for September and October.  The students spoke briefly about their many school activities and goals.
A NEW Paul Harris Fellow
Left to Right:  Barbara Barr, Bill "Doc" Pohnert, Patricia Pohnert, and Tom Turriff.
What do you do when you have accumulated Paul Harris points, but you already have a Paul Harris Fellow?  Why you share the wealth with a special someone or a club member.  Bill "Doc" Pohnert recognized his wife, Patricia Pohnert.  Patricia has been a volunteer and contributed to the lives of others for many years.  It was an honor to recognize Patrica as a Paul Harris Fellow!  The Rotary International Foundation Chair, Tom Turriff, did an amazing job of celebrating Patricia.  A special thank you to Tim Morsani, our wordsmith extraordinaire, who wrote a special ceremony for Patricia.
Ride to End Polio
Liese Razzeto, is representing our club in the Ride to END Polio!
This year we will have one member in El Tour de Tucson.  Liese Razzeto will be riding "Miles to End Polio" on Saturday, November 23rd.  Join us in supporting Liese as she raises money to End Polio NOW!   Just click on the link below to back Liese and be a part of the largest fundraiser in ALL of  Rotary International!  Yes, that's right.  The LARGEST fundraiser for ALL of Rotary International is El Tour de Tucson!
Thanking Tom Turriff
Left to Right:  Gordon Wainwright, Chair of Fore For Kids, Tom Turriff, sponsor and club member, and Doug May, past president.
Gordon Wainwright, director of the Fore For Kids Charity Golf Tournament, recognized sponsor Tom Turriff.  Tom has been a major supporter of this tournament for many years and we value his tremendous contributions.  Doug May was president of the club during our last Fore For Kids Tournament.
Thanking our Sargent At Arms
Stephen Argentati, retiring Sargent at Arms, is thanked by Barbara Barr
For the past few years, Stephen Argentati has been our Sargent at Arms.  He has passed the torch to  Bill Demeroutis!   We are very appreciative of Stephen's service as Sargent At Arms!
Our November Social
Judy and Neil Deppe
Many thanks to Neil and Judy Deppe, who hosted our November Social!  To see all the fun we had, check out our Facebook page at
Yes, We're Packing!
Left to Right Front:  Liese Razzeto, Barbara Barr, and Joe Dylewski.  Left to Right Back:  Joe Jones, Eric Erickson, Paul Herr, Phil Barneyi, Elaine Terry, Jim Fry, Rudy Faller, Sheila Tuhy, Gordon Wainwright, Linda Bradner, and A.T. Barr.
Making a difference and help others is FUN - - Even if it is a Saturday morning.   These caring Rotarians helped to pack food for the Foot Bank at IMPACT of Southern Arizona.
Oracle School District Propositions
Our own Crystle Nehrmeyer, Superintendent, spoke to us about Propositions 438 and 439 on the upcoming ballot.  Oracle School District is in dire need of a facelift.
Informed Voting In The November Election
L to R  Barbara Barr, Adam Jarrold, Tom Brandhuber
Captain Adam Jarrold and Assistant Fire Chief Tom Brandhuber visited from Golder Ranch Fire District to tell us about Bond Initiatives for our Local Fire Houses in the upcoming election.  Being an informed and active voter is the key.  
The Mustache
Service Above Self Award given to our favorite actor and Club Member, Fred Loewy, for his tireless work in our club.  Barbara Barr gave Fred some grooming tools for his fanstastic mustache.  Thank you Fred!
The Peppersauce Kitchen at Arizona Zipline Adventures
Members of the Club learn about the offerings of the Arizona Zipline Adventure and the Peppersauce Kitchen.

The SaddleBrooke Clubhouse may have been closed for cleaning and maintenance, but that didn't keep the club from meeting and exploring new venues!  Members of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke had an amazing adventure at the Arizona Zipline Adventure and the Peppersauce Kitchen.  We had fun building our own tacos with steak and chicken.  And those cookies - - they were amazing!
Arizona ZipLine Adventures
On Thursday, October 10th the SaddleBrooke Clubhouse is closed for it's annual renovations.  Rotarian of the month, Peggy Knowles, has arranged for us to have lunch at the Swiss Chalet ski lodge building located at Arizona Zip Line Adventures, 35406 S. Mt. Lemmon Rd, Oracle, AZ 85623.  The members of the club at the September 19th meeting voted on the lunch selection for the day.  We will have a taco buffet.
Car pools will meet the the Bocce Ball Court on Thursday, October 10th at 10:45 am.
George Corrigan, Book Man
George Corrigan September 14, 1938 - October 6, 2019
More below!
George Corrigan, The Book Man
The kids called him "The Book Man"
George Corrigan initiated the Age Appropriate Book Program in three area schools.  After working with a similar program with his Hawaiian Club, George developed the program for the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke.  The rest is history.  Annually George lead our club in delivering books 3 times a year to approximately 1,200 students in Mammoth,  San Manuel, Oracle and Catalina.  It would be nice to name our book program in honor of George.  Does any one have some great ideas for a name?
Thank Yous
George Corrigan loved all the Thank Yous
George Corrigan cherished the wonderful notes the students wrote to thank our club for the books.  Meeting after meeting, George would bring stacks of thank you notes from students in all these schools.  All those thanks yous brought so much joy to George!
So Many Talents to Share
George Corrigan, Talented Desktop Publisher
When you looked at George's Rotary badge, it said "Desktop Publishing" for George's category.  George never stopped using his skills and knowledge to make a difference in our club.  He made amazing Swag Bags, brochures, bookmarks, tickets, lunch invitations, and so much more.  Then he donated his time, efforts, and products to the club.
8 Paul Harris Awards
George Corrigan as he received his pin for his 8th Paul Harris
George was not only the recipient of a number of Paul Harris awards, but he also honored other members with Paul Harris Awards.  George recognized other members of our club by transferring his Paul Harris points to hard working members so that they might receive this honor.  
Generation Justice
L to R Barbara Barr, Rebecca Masterson, Peggy Knowles
A generous donation check was presented to Rebecca Masterson, Chief Counsel & Vice President of Generation Justice.  Rebecca is intent on fixing the broken Foster Care System.  Started in AZ two years ago, Generation Justice removes children from families with unsafe conditions and places them in foster care.  The adoption process is then expedited for these children into loving homes.
Philanthropy is FUN!
Members of the October 1st Book Delivery Team Left to Right:  A.T. Barr, Paul Herr, Liese Razzeto, Elaine Terry, Joe Dylewski and Leslie Hawkins.  Missing out on some of the fun and not pictured: Eric Erickson
Members of the October 1st Book Delivery team had a little fun after delivering books to several hundred kiddios at the Coranado School in Catalina.  Each Rotarian stood on the state where they were born.  Even grown up kids like recess!
Congratulations Anita McDonald
Congratulations to Anita McDonald, our Governor Nominee Designate! Anita hales from the Catalina Club which meets in east Tucson. Anita will serve as our District Governor in 2022-2023.
Our New Amigos
Left to Right:  Amigo Linda Bradner, with her sponsor Barbara Barr, Joe Guyton, Chair of the Amigo program, New Amigo Leslie Fromm with her sponsor, Gordon Wainwright.
Joe Guyton, chair of the Amigo Program, welcomes are two newest Amigos, Linda Bradner and Leslie Fromm.  While many of you may recognize Linda from SaddleBrooke, you may also recognize Leslie from our Fore For Kids Golf Tournament.  Leslie is the phenomenal organizer behind our FFK.  Even though FFK is more than 7 months away, Leslie has already raised over $17,000!
Honorary SaddleBrooke Rotary Member
Seamus graduated number one in his class at Camp Bow Wow.  Proud parents, Joe and Wendy Guyton, help make our club the best and we welcome Seamus into our folds. 
Camp Bow Wow
Lisa Ostazeski was on hand to give us some valuable advice on care and training of our most cherished pets.  She had many words of wisdom for the dog owners in our club.
Again...A Special Thanks to Eric Erickson
Service Above Self is Eric Erickson's specialty.  As one of our newest members, Eric is always the first to volunteer for all of our projects.  Eric was also, September's Rotarian of the Month.  We appreciate you!!!!
Angels Always Have Wings
They are Angels among us.  The Guytons are back from Pinetop and have earned their Wings and a "Service Above Self" pin for their dedication to our club! 
International Talk Like A Pirate Day
Our fearless leader, Barbara Barr, was in costume to celebrate her fierceness.  
Pima JTED Aademy Health Care Program
We were proud to have the daughter of our own Eric Erickson on hand to share her experience with JTED.  Amy Erickson is planning on a health care career and she is getting started with classes in her field while she is still in high school.
Beth Francis of JTED shared with us that the Medical Community in Tucson is in crisis mode.  There are not enough health care workers to fill the open positions. 
L to R Eric Erickson, Amy Erickson, Greg D'Anna, Beth Francis
Elaine Terry-"Director of Fun"
Recognizing Special Members.  Elaine demonstrates her can of Silly String on Chris Millar.  We love Elaine for her "Service Above Self" personality.  Thank You Elaine!
Life Is Good Chiropractic
Dr. Amanda Smicklas and her Office Manager, Connie McIntyre, were in the house to talk about the effect of stress on our bodies.  The pain associated with the stress of life an be helped with advanced Chiropractic services.  
Fall Social
Save the Date for our Fall Social!
Eric Erickson Speaks on the Tucson Real Estate Market 
Our own Eric Erickson stays excited on the health of the Tucson Real Estate Market.  As a private investor, Eric stressed the 6 principles of Investing in property.  Formerly with Honeywell, Eric now works through his company, Viking Equity, to guide investors in Tucson.
Welcome Linda Bradner!
Linda Bradner, our newest Amigo Member, receives a hug from Barbara Barr.  Linda comes to us from Georgia and lives full time in SaddleBrooke.
Neil Deppe/Service Above Self
President, Barbara Barr, awards Neil Deppe with a Service Above Self Pin for his dedication to Rotary for 44 years.  Neil was also given bubbles for his upcoming Rotary Social.  Thanks Neil for all you do!
Region 6 Panel Discussion
Left to Right:  Teree Bergman (Dove Mountain), Randy Brooks (Marana), John Barnett (Oro Valley). Jim Lamb (Oro Valley), Tom Simester (SaddleBrooke), Barbara Barr (SaddleBrooke), Roger Sweet (SaddleBrooke Sunrise), and Mary Thompson (SaddleBrooke Sunrise).
Members of the Rotary Clubs of Region 6 gathered to share information about their clubs and learn from each other.  It was so great to visit with our neighboring clubs, and learn all about their service projects, fundraisers, and interests.
Moderator Extraordinaire
Moderator extraordinaire, Liese Razzeto!
A huge thank you to Liese Razzeto who did such a great job of organizing and moderating our panel discussion with Region 6 Clubs.  
Veterans & First Responders Memorial
Kay Williams and Steve Didio of the Veterans and First Responders Memorial
Rotarians learned about the Veterans and First Responders Memorial from Kay Williams and Steve Didio.
Welcome to Crystle Nehrmeyer
Welcome to our Newest Member, Crystle Nehrmeyer, Superintendent of Oracle School District.
A warm welcome to our newest Rotarian, Crystle Nehrmeyer.  Crystle is the new Superintendent of the Oracle School District.  Before coming to Oracle she was in the Flowing Wells District.  Crystle a new bride as well as a new step mom, a dog mom, and a nature lover.  She is very appreciative of all our club has done for her school district, and we hope to do even more!  Welcome Crystle!  We're so happy to have you as part of our gang of friendly volunteers!
Rotarians Can Dance
Dancing Rotarians & Friends Left to Right:  Diane Demeroutis, Eric Erickson, Sharon Walker, Barbara Barr, Bill Demeroutis, Crystle Nehrmeyer, and Peggy Knowles.
Diane Demeroutis, Eric Ericson, Sharon Walker, Barbara Barr, Bill Demeroutis, Crystle Nehrmery, and Peggy Knowles throw their nets in the water to catch fish for the Haukilau!
Barbara Barr, Bill Demeroutis, and Crystle Nehrmeyer learn how to tell a Hawaiian story with their hands.
All together now!  Diane Demeroutis and Eric Erickson show their moves!
Bill Demeroutis Awarded Service Above Self Pin
Bill Demeroutis Awarded Service above Self Pin during the August 22, 2019, The Rotary club of Saddlebrooke meeting.
Before joining The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke, Bill Demeroutis had over eight years volunteering with Rotary as a member of the Lake Stevens Washington Rotary Club, and Bill served in several leadership roles with that Club.
Bill’s drive with The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke is to practice “Service Above Self” which he has demonstrated here as a member of our Club. Accordingly, during our August 22, 2019 meeting, Barbara Barr presented Bill with his Service Above Self pin.
Congratulations Bill and well deserved, Sir!  
A Short History of Hula
Maxine treated our Rotarians to a History of Hula Dancing and it's significance in Hawaiian Culture.
A Short History of Hula
Hula as a visual form of a language
In ancient times, the Hawaiians had no written alphabet, but they recognized the importance of recording their history and rich culture. Hula became a culturally significant and prominent form of storytelling. Early Hawaiians use Hula and Ōlelo (chants) as a way of recording their history, culture, mythology, genealogy, and battles.  If you have the opportunity to watch Hula Dancers the motions with their hands, arms and other gestures are all telling a specific story from their history.
Male Dancers and Teachers
Historically, Male dancers have tattoos on their body, which record the family’s history and rank within their local community or group.  Also, teachers (called Kumu in Hawaii) are entrusted with guarding and passing down their accounts of history, via Hula, through multiple generations of each family.
When Hula was Banned (and how it survived)
The first Christian missionaries to arrive in Hawaii were a group of Americans, who sailed aboard a ship called the Thaddeus and arrived on March 30, 1820.  Hula Dancing was not something the missionaries approved of.  However, this was not the reason it was banned.  In 1830 Queen Kaʻahumanu who had converted to Christianity forbade public performances of Hula.
Thanks, to the Kuma, who secretly continued to teach Hula in private settings. Thus Hula remained alive, and by the 1850s, public hula became regulated by a system of licensing.  
Thankfully, the Hawaiian performing arts had a resurgence during the reign of King David Kalākaua (1874–1891), who encouraged the traditional techniques of the arts. Thanks to King Kalākaua, Hula remains a vital, vibrant, and ongoing part of Hawaii’s culture and history today!
The original video of the speech of this article is based on can be viewed here:
A Challenge 
In a special Inspiration from Rotarian Emerson Knowles, members of the club were challenged to raise the bar on their life. Emerson encouraged members to take a favorite quotation and turn it into an affirmation to move their life forward.
Honoring Stephen Argentati
Barbara Barr and Stephen Argentati
When it comes to helping the club out, you can always count on Stephen Argentati!  Our dedicated Sargent at Arms is always first to volunteer, and make our meetings fun.  Whether it's strumming a toy ukulele while wearing a coconut bikini top and a grass skirt, or carrying tables as we clean up after a Mardi Gras party, we can count on Stephen.  He was recognized at the meeting with a Service Above Self pin.
Tales from Biosphere 2
Linda Leigh
Linda Leigh was the guest speaker for the Rotary Club of Saddlebrook on August 15, 2019.  Linda was the test subject in a three-week stay in Biosphere 2 before her two year stay with a team of seven other people. She designed the ecosystems in Biosphere 2, working with engineers, architects, and other scientists. 
Creating the Biosphere-Ecosystems & Two Years in a Glass Covered Dome
Linda Leigh was the test subject in a three-week stay in Biosphere 2 before her two year stay with a team of seven other people. She designed the ecosystems in Biosphere 2, working with engineers, architects, and other scientists.
Before anyone could inhabit the Biosphere, a great deal of preparatory work had to be done.  It was during this phase that Ms. Leigh traveled around the world to collect over 2,000 plants intended to “grow oxygen” during the two-year stay in which the eight specialists would be sealed in the Biosphere.  One would think obtaining this number of plants would be a monumental task, which it was.  But this barely scratches the surface of what she had to do.  In addition to the oxygen growing plants, she also had to consider the unique soil each plant needed and the various insects and small animals that would be necessary to ensure the plants' health and pollination for continued growth during the two years humans inhabited the Biosphere.  This effort was further complicated by the fact that Biosphere 2 maintains four distinctly different ecosystems: a mangrove wetland, a rain forest, an ocean with coral reef, and a savanna-like desert environment.
As one of the original team members in the Biosphere 2 experiments, Ms. Leigh managed the health, research, and documentation of the ecosystems.  Ms. Leigh was candid about the stress involved in being sealed in a confined environment with seven other people for two years.  As one can imagine, there were group dynamics and tensions among the resident crew.  But that didn’t mean the group couldn’t work together for the common good.  As an example, one morning, the occupants woke to discover that the carbon dioxide levels had risen significantly.  The team had to work together quickly to determine the cause and rectify the problem.  As it turned out, an unattended water hose was left on and soaked a compost pile which intern created the sudden rise in carbon dioxide.  Drying out the compost pile and planting more plants to increase oxygen levels solved the problem.
Ms. Leigh and the others were Biosphere Pioneers, and their experiments set world records in closed ecological systems, agricultural production, health improvements with the high nutrient and low caloric diet the crew followed, and insights into the self-organization of complex biological systems and atmospheric dynamics. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Biosphere work may significantly contribute to the planned Mars missions.
Video on Biosphere 2
Linda Leigh speaking on "Tales of Biosphere 2
It was so amazing to hear Linda Leigh speak at our meeting on August 15th.  She kept our Rotary Club and a large number of visitors riveted for an hour!  If you or your family are on Facebook, you can see the video at
Paul Herr Honored
Left to Right:  Paul Herr and Barbara Barr
Paul Herr was honored for his work for The Rotary Club of SaddleBroke.  Paul serves as Treasurer of the Foundation, helps with the Club Teasurer's position during the summer, and  Club Secretary.  In addition, Paul is always there helping with every project, volunteer work, and event we do.  Paul is a music aficionado and is currently learning to play the harmonica.  The Club presented Paul with a new harmonica and a Service Above Self pin.
Senior Village
Left to Rights:  Barbara Barr and The Board of Senior Village,  Sandy Morse (Director), Mardie Toney (Director), Stephanie Thomas (Secretary), and David Loendorf (Chair).
The Board of Directors of the Senior Village of SaddleBrooke updated our club on the new services offered by the organization.  Since their last visit to our club, Senior Village has grown by leaps and bounds in both membership and services.  Through this network of volunteers, residents of SaddleBrooke are able to age in place.  We are so grateful for all this organization does for us and our community!
The District 5500 Membership Seminar
Left to Right:  Julia Young (Communications, The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke), Maggie DeBlock (President of SaddleBrooke Sunrise Club), Dick Kroese (SaddleBrooke Sunrise Club and Assistant Governor), and Barbara Barr (President of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke).

The SaddleBrooke gang enjoys breakfast together before the Membership Seminar at Quail Creek near Green Valley.  The Rotary Internal focus for August is membership.  District 5500 celebrated membership month by hosting this seminar at the Kino Conference Center at Quail Creek . Stay tuned for more information about Membership month!
Welcome To Our Newest Rotarian
Left to Right:  Barbara Barr, Wolf Tombe, and Fred Lowy!
Members gave a standing ovation to our newest member, Wolf Tombe.  Wolf recently moved to the Ranch, coming from the Washing D.C. area.  He's had an exciting career in law enforcement and technology, which left us all awestruck!  Wolf's mentor is Gary Terrell, who is currently out of the country.  Fred Lowy stepped in to assist with Wolf's induction ceremony.
Pinal County Assessor
Doug Wolfl, Pinal County Assessor

Pinal Couity Assessor, Doug Wolf , gives us an update on assessments and current state issues.  If you would like to hear his speech, there is a video on our Facebook page at
Doug May Honored
Left to Right:  Barbara Barr and Doug May.
Past President Doug May was recognized for his many light bulb moments. Doug has come up with so many good ideas that have really had an impact on the club! For his many contributions to the club, Doug was award a Service Above Self Pin!
A Taste of Tuscany
Below are just a few pictures from our Taste of Tuscany Social.  
To see even more pictures, go to our Facebook page at
Thank you Chris and Cristiane Millar for the incredible Taste of Tuscany and
a wonderful party at your warm and inviting home.
Left to Right front:  Gordon Wainwright, Heather Freeman Wainwright, Don Terry, Dorothy Herr, Elaine Terry, Mark Miller & A.T. Barr
Left to Right back:  Bill Fry and Emerson Knowles.

Left to Right:  Bill Walker, Heather Freeman (Wainwright), Sharon Walker, Christiane Millar, Kim Miller, Fran Lowy, Fred Lowy and Bill Demeroutis.
Left to Right:  Judy Deppe, Dorothy Herr, Elaine Terry, Fran Lowy, and Heather Freemen (Wainwright).
Exchanging Flags
Left to Right:  John Oszust, Barbara Barr, and Monica Oszust
Aloha and Mahalo to our new friends from Kauai, John and Monica Oszust.  John and Monica have been visiting George Corrigan, who used to be in their Rotary Club.  They actually accused our club of stealing George from them.  :^) The Oszuzts are very active in their club, John is past president, while Monica is the current president.  They have just purchased a home at the SaddleBrooke Ranch, so we hope to see much more of them!
Prestigious Member Awards
Barbara Barr presents Robert Christadore with a "Service Above Self" Award for his work on our bigget fundraiser...Fore 4 Kids.
Outgoing Fore 4 Kids Chair awards Emerson Knowles with an appreciation plaque for his years of sponsorship.  We could not do it without his generousity!  Thank you Emerson.
Bill Fry on Mark Twain
Dr. William Fry (Bill) was SaddleBrooke Rotary's 1st Amigo.  Bill has been a English Literature Professor and writing for 58 years.  He has a special interest in the "Father of Standup Comedy", Mark Twain.  Dr. Fry amused us at lunch with many of Mark Twain's literary accomplishments.  
Committee Heads Have A Plan!
L to R  Paul Herr, Neil Deppe, Barbara Barr, Gary Terrell, ElaineTerry, Doug May
We appreciate our members stepping up to the plate and hitting it out of the park with their plans.  We all need to support them with our time and ideas to make their year a success.  Our Committee heads this year are:
Barbara Barr - Public Relations/Communications
Elaine Terry - Family of Rotary
Ed Treick - Vocational Services
Neil Deppe - Fundraising
Sheila Tuhy - Youth Services
Wendy Guyton - Membership
Stephen Argentati - Sargent At Arms
Paul Herr - Basha's Cards
Gordon Wainright - Fore For Kids
Gary Terrell - Foundation
Barbara Barr - Strategic Planning
Doug May - Interact and International Connections
Recognizing Chris Millar
Chris Millar was awarded a Mickey Mouse pointer and a Service Above Self Pin
Chris Millar was recognized for the Service Above Self Pin and awarded a Mickey Mouse pointer to assist him with his duties as Club Administrator.  If there is one thing we all know for sure, it's that Chris Millar will always be there.  He never misses a meeting, event, volunteer opportunity, or training. He's always the first to volunteer to help, host, or work on whatever we do.  When he has family visiting, he brings them along to volunteer as well.  Thanks for all you do Chris.  We appreciate you to help in our efforts to make the world a better place!
Joyce Johnson...Our Resident Piano Player
L to R Doug May, Joyce Johnson
A well deserved thank you gift from Doug May.  Our own Joyce Johnson plays the piano for us every week before our meetings.  We love you Joyce!
Welcome to the Family!
Left to Right:  Barbara Barr,  Bill Demeroutis, Diane Demeroutis, Liese Razzeto, Mike Razzeto, and Doug May.

Barbara Barr and Doug May welcomed two members to our Rotary Family.  The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke is delighted to welcome Bill Demeroutis and Liese Razzeto.  Bill and Diane Demeroutis recently moved here from Washington State, and Liese and Mike Razzeto join us from Idaho.  Both of our transfers are former Rotary Presidents.
A New Set Of Clubs
Left to Right:  Barbara Barr, Gordon Wainwright and his wife Heather Freeman.  

A New Set of Clubs:  In honor of his hard work on the Fore For Kids Golf Tournament, Gordon Wainwright was honored with a BRAND NEW set of clubs, symbolic of Fore For Kids (note that these are plastic kid's clubs).  While  Gordon has only joined our club this year, he has jumped in with both feet and taken on the role of Tournament Director for our signature fundraiser, Fore For Kids.  He also received the Rotary Service Above Self Pin.  We are grateful for Gordon's leadership in our club.   
Medicare Up-date
Left to Right:  Barbara Barr and Leah Kari

Many thanks to Leah Kari, who spoke to our club and community members about Medicare.  Attendees had a much better understanding of Medicare following Leah's presentation.  Leah also provided excellent books on the topic.  Leah Kari is also a Fore For Kids supporter, and was a featured advertiser in our Fore Fore Kids 2019 Program.
Congratulations, George!
George Corrigan received the Rotarian of the Year Award and his thank you gift from outgoing President, Doug May.  Congratulations, George!  You are an exemplary Rotarian!
Passing Of The Gavel...Welcome Barbara Barr
Assistant District Goverenor, Mary Straus joins outgoing President, Doug May, in welcoming our 2019/2020 President, Barbara Barr
Our Outgoing Board of Directors.  Thank you for all of your hard work!
Welcome to our 2019/2020 Board of Directors and their family.  Thanks for stepping up!
Doug May and Rotarian of the Quarter, Chris Millar
Doug May honors Stephen Argentati with the President's Award  
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