Eight members of The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke participated in the Rotary Leadership Institute held at the Viscount Suites last Saturday.  Braving the early morning chills of O Dark Hundred, these members enjoyed a great day of fellowship and learning!  The venue had wonderful accommodations and the food was incredible.  Joe Guyton (treasurer) heads up RLI for District 5500.  Wendy Guyton (Membership Chair) graduated last year, but she still hangs around and handled registration.  Also attending this year were Doug May: President, Barbara Barr: President Elect, George Corrigan: President Nominee, Paul Herr: Foundation Treasurer, Sheila Tuhy: Program Chair, and Julia Young, Public Relations and International Grant Committee.  Left to right are: Doug May, Joe Guyton, Wendy Guyton, Paul Herr, Barbara Barr, and George Corrigan.  Not pictured are Sheila Tuhy and Julia Young.
Congratulations Paul & Julia
CONGRATULATIONS Paul Herr and Julia Young, two of the most recent graduates of Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI).  District Governor, Kirk Reed, and RLI Chair, Joe Guyton, helped the newest graduates of RLI celebrate.  RLI consists of training at 3 levels of  leadership.  Paul and Julia have completed all three sessions of the leadership program.  Our club is so fortunate to have these members as our club leaders.  District Governor, Kirk Reed is far left.  Paul Herr is hiding in the back row next to the tallest guy.  Joe Guyton is on the far right.  Julia was not able to stay for the photo.  Congratulations to our graduates, Paul and Julia! We're so proud of you!
Our Newest Amigo
A warm Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke welcome to our newest Amigo, Gerald Baird.  Gerald is a charter member of his home club back in Washington, and lives in SaddleBrooke half the year.  The Amigo program is a great way for snowbirds to remain members of their home club while getting involved with our club while they are living in SaddleBrooke.  To learn more about the Amigo program, contact our membership chair, Wendy Guyton at at 520-404-5712 or
Thank You Guyton's
A HUGE Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke THANK YOU to Joe and Wendy Guyton for a fabulous Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI).  The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke is proudly represented in District 5500 by Joe Guyton, who leads the RLI program for the entire district.  During the graduation ceremonies, District Governor Kirk Reed thanked Joe for taking a sleepy little program and turning it into an incredible training event.  Joe's sidekick, Wendy, was in charge of registration. The two of them warmly welcomed attendees from all over District 5500.  I can't begin to imagine how early this two got up to travel to Tucson and set up this outstanding Rotary event!
Students of the Month
Each month, The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke recognizes an outstanding student attending San Manuel Junior Senior High School.  The students are treated to time off from school and school cafeteria food while they dine with us at the SaddleBrooke Clubhouse.  In addition to a certificate, they also receive a cash award from the club.  Joe Dylewski, Board Member at Large and Financial Advisor at Edward D. Jones, and Dave Jungbluth, Rotary Amigo and Counselor at San Manuel Junior Senior High School, head up the program.  Joe Dylewski is pictured with our awardees for November and December.
2019 Income Tax Laws
Mark Miller of MJM Income Tax in Catalina, AZ shared tips on the new 2019 tax laws.  Left to right: Mark Miller and Doug May, President of The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke.
International Water Project
It's finally here.  SaddleBrooke Rotary has joined with Marana, Tubac and Nogales Sonora Rotary Clubs to fund clean drinking
water in schools across the border.  This initiative will provide potable water to more than 25,000 students in 22 schools.  These
hard working clubs raised $18,000 which will be matched by Rotary International.  A special thanks to everyone who made this 
happen with a shout out to Tom Turriff, John Ruland, Mark Miller and Ed Treick of SaddleBrooke Rotary for their generosity of 
both time and money over the past years. 
Pictured above is John Ruland in 2015 with the first school water system installed in Sonora, 
Mexico.  Pictured second are some key Rotarians from SaddleBrooke Rotary who started this project. L to R  Ed Treick,
Mark Miller and John Ruland
Interact Club
The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke is very proud of our Interact Club at San Manuel High School.  

Our Interact Club of San Manuel is hard at work. They have been collecting toiletries and personal care products to donate to the food bank, and are planning several other philanthropic events. During this meeting, they met with Lou Rouch from Little Hooves Big Hearts. The students will spend 2 Saturdays helping out at Little Hooves Big Hearts. The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke passed out t-shirts to the Interact Club.

SaddleBrooke Recreation & Activities Fair
Members of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke enjoyed spending Saturday morning together while we showed off our club at the SaddleBrooke Recreation and Activities Fair.  Many thanks to our members who represented the club and who organized the event:  A.T. Barr, Barbara Barr, Joe Guyton, Wendy Guyton, Paul Herr, Fred Lowy, Doug May, Ned Selinsky, Tom Simester, Tim Morsani,  and Julia Young.  Pictured left to right are a visiting Rotarian, Paul Herr, Joe Guyton, Wendy Guyton, and A.T. Barr.
Sheila Tuhy's Program
Sheila Tuhy shared heartfelt stories of motherhood.  Sheila and her late husband, Ed, raised a special needs daughter with Cerebral Palsy.  Their daughter taught Sheila and Ed many special life lessons.
Meeting Roles
Our fellow Rotarian Mark Miller will be giving an update on the new Tax Laws. Come a little early, and enjoy lunch and camaraderie with your fellow Rotarians.
The sooner you register for this Cruise, the better chance you have
to secure a stateroom close to the Rotarian Group. Please do this before they 
release unreserved rooms in the block to the public.
Greeter: XXXXX 
Inspiration: XXXXX
Pledge & 4-Way Test: Pick 'em*
  Card Game - $226 in pot, 32 cards with Jokers 
*NOTE: The Pledge and 4-Way Test speakers will be randomly selected by the President from the podium.... Stay Alert!!
Please forward and share this bulletin with your friends and family, and go to our Facebook page and promote YOUR club. 'Like' our page, like a post, make a comment or two and most importantly share your favorite story on your 'Timeline'.

Family of Rotary
This information will only appear in the bulletin.   It will not be available on the website:
Cammy Moore is at Brookdale Oro Valley and would enjoy company and calls.  She is currently living at the Brookdale which is right across the street from the Fairfield Inn and the Mexican Restaurant called El Molinito.
10175 North Oracle Road
Oro Valley, AZ 85704 
Brookdale's phone number: 520-329-3068
Cammy's cell phone number: 520-861-7848 
Congratulations to Fred Lowy and Tim Morsani who will both be having starring roles in an up-coming SaddleBrooke play.
Many thanks to Ed Treick and his wife Barbara, who are preparing an incredible Mardi Gras Party for us on Friday, March 1.  Contact Ed and talk to him at a meeting to participate in this special event.
Mary Jane, the wife of Honorary Member Norm Beasley, broke her arm, and is recovering.
Welcome back Chris Millar, who has been visiting family in Florida all month!  We sure have missed your smiling face!

Welcome back Amigo, Dave Jungbluth, who has been out due to major surgery.  We know your students and the Interact Club are as glad to have you back as we are.  You have been missed!
Welcome back Amigo, Joyce Johnson, who has been traveling with her husband.  We've not only missed your warm smiling face, but the beautiful piano music you provide during our social time at each meeting.
Many thank yous to our Amigo, Lou Robisch, who is setting up work days at Little Hooves Big Hearts for our Interact Club. The students are so excited about volunteering to rebuild the trail at the facility.
Welcome back Amigo Chris Beth.  Chris bought businesses in the Phoenix area last year, and has not been able to participate with us. She has now been able to set up her schedule between her three businesses to attend meetings and functions with us a couple of times a month.  We have missed her amazing spirit in our club and are glad she'll be able to attend some events.
Elaine Terry reports that son Brad has been able to return to work.  He's still dealing with medical issues, but things are looking up!  Yay!
 Dr. Dan Twelker brought SPOT to our meeting on Thursday, January 10th.  SPOT is the optical equipment that the SaddleBrooke Club of Rotary helped to purchase for Volunteer Optometrists Serving Humanity, or VOSH.  SPOT was purchased to honor Dr. Ed Tuhy, one of our long time members.
Cruise With A Cause
Register by January 1st to get a state room in the Rotarian area.  After January 1st, any rooms that are not reserved will the open to the public. If you register after January 1st, your stateroom may not be close to the Rotarian area.
From Governor Elect, Ellie Patterson:
Enjoy fun in the sun, fellowship, great speakers and breakout sessions at the 2019 Destination District Conference while cruising down to Ensenada, Mexico on the ship “ Inspiration.” We sail from beautiful Long Beach, CA to Ensenada, B.C., Mexico, departing Friday, October 25th at 6:30 pm and returning Monday at 7:00 am  October 28th, 2019. (It’s a week after the car show!).  Experience the internationality of Rotary while working side by side with fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors on a project in District 4100 while docked in Ensenada. Wine-tasting tours, shopping and exchanging new ideas with local Rotarians can also be experienced.
Ocean breezes, great food (24 hours a day), evening strolls on the deck with a gorgeous Baja moon overhead, renewing old friendships and making new acquaintances, what could be better? The deposit is $50.00 -$100 depending on size of cabin. Ocean view cabins are $454-$484 and inside cabins are $404-$409. This reasonable price for the entire trip is all-inclusive. (alcoholic beverages not included). Sorry folks! I tried.
See you on board the Inspiration! Reserve your stateroom today by emailing fellow Rotarian Mike Sloan : or call him at 800-248-7447 or 336-659-9772. He’s very helpful and planned the District Conference Cruise for us in 2008 which Rotarians still talk about. You can also contact me for additional information:
Polio Award
Jim Lamb, the Polio Chairperson for District 5500, awarded The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke a certificate for our Polio donations.  Accepting the award for the club is Barbara Barr, secretary and President Elect.
Janie Bottai of Vital Moves explained the four areas of fitness that we need to address.  This was our first meeting of the new year, so it was such an appropriate topic.
Holiday Social
A very special thank you to Sheila Tuhy for hosting an incredible holiday social for the club.  She not only was the "Hostess with the Mostess", but she also invited prospective members.  Way to go Sheila!
Happy Holidays
The annual Christmas Party was a great success.  A very special thank you to Elaine Terry who headed up the project following Cammy's fall.  In addition to a lot of support from husband, Don Terry, Elaine had two outstanding side-kicks, Wendy and Joe Guyton.  Many thanks to this fabulous team for a tremendous party!
The Cameroon Project
Randy Brooks, District Charitable Fund Chair, and Mary Strauss, Assistant Area Governor from the Marana Rotary spoke about the Cameroon Economic Development & Education Project.
Paul Harris
Wendy Guyton was surprised at our last meeting as she received a Paul Harris award.  Wendy has served as Program Chair, and currently serves as Membership Chair and Liaison for the Interact Club.  Wendy has also served as the chair of two fundraisers which raised money for arts in the local schools and SaddleBrooke Senior Village.  When it comes to a Rotary function, event, or project, Wendy is always there.  Our club is definitely blessed to have Wendy as a member! Pictured left to right are Doug May, President, Wendy Guyton, Newest Paul Harris, and Tim Morsani, Chair of the Rotary Foundation.
Making the World A Better Place
Remembering our fellow Rotarians, Bev Porras and  Nancy Haugh.  Both Rotarians helped to make the world a better place!

We will remember Bev Porras' smiling face and helping hand.  Most recently, Bev had been the head of the Family of Rotary.  She diligently sent cards to fellow Rotarians for birthdays and illness.  She was a frequent visitor at the National Parks Store, where she attended many lectures.

Nancy was a former president of the club and attended our Christmas Party last year as we celebrated our 20th Anniversary.  Nancy drove herself from Vail for the party!  What a trooper.  

For more information about Nancy, visit this link:
Making GREAT Thanksgivings
Members of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke, IMPACT of Southern Arizona Board, 1st responders of the Golder Ranch Fire Department, the Elks Club, and Basha's made Thanksgiving a little brighter for many people in Catalina and surrounding communities.  The club helped to distribute turkeys, pies, potatoes, and all the sides for Thanksgiving. Many thanks to Board Member Joe Dylewski for setting up the event.  We love helping every year!
Mark Miller Rides In The Tour de Tucson
Mile 76 of 103!  Mark Miller rides again in the Tour de Tucson to raise funds to end Polio!  Thank you, Mark, for representing our club and participating in such an important event for Tucson and for Rotary!
New Member Carl Moser
The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke is excited to welcome Carl Moser as our newest member.  Carl served in both World War II and in Korea.  He also owned and operated Moser Aircraft Sales for 30 years.  Welcome, Carl!  We're so happy to have you as our newest member!

Pictured: Wendy Guyton pins the Rotary pin on Carl's collar, while President Doug May places the Rotary name tag on Carl's shirt!
Barbara McClure:  IMPACT
Many thanks to Barbara McClure for speaking to us about IMPACT of Southern Arizona.  Barbara has been working with the organization since she moved here in 2008.  IMPACT has added many new services and continues to look for new opportunities to help in the community.  For those interested in serving their community, IMPACT offers plenty of opportunities!
Cleaning Up Golder Ranch Road
Doug May, Rudi Faller, Ned Selinsky, Chris Millar, Barbara Barr, Jim Fry, Paul Herr, Joe Dylewski, and A.T. Barr spent Saturday cleaning up Golder Ranch Road.  Chris Millar organized the event, complete with safety vests, tools, and even cold water.  Pictured left to right are:  Barbara Barr, Jim Fry, Chris Millar, Paul Herr, Joe Dylewski, and A.T. Barr.  Not pictured are Doug May, Rudi Faller, and Ned Selinsky.
President Doug May
Our Honorable President conducted a short Rotary
meeting before lunch.
Melissa Hawkins-Farmers Insurance
Melissa was awarded a commemorative plaque for 
her Major Sponsorship of our Fore For Kids Golf Tournament.
Emerson Knowles Emcee
Our own Emerson Knowles gave an inspirational and
thought provoking presentation to a crowded room.
Veterans Day Luncheon 
Military Color Guard was on hand to help honor our flag 
and Veterans
November 15th IMPACT of Southern Arizona
Barbara McClure, Executive Director of IMPACT of Southern Arizona will speak on Thursday,  November 15th.  Learn more about aging in place in the home you love as well as opportunities to make a difference in our community!
Music Mends Minds
L to R Peggy Knowles, Earlene Lewis, Doug May
Earlene Lewis is a familiar face in Rotary's Philanthropic endeavours.
Music Mends Minds is a prime example of her dedication to bring music
into everybody's life. Music Mends Minds was inspired by Irwin 
Rosenstein's positive reaction to Music during his battle with Parkinson's 
disease and dementia.  Positive Proof that music can change brain chemistry.
Welcome Ron Heck
L to R Elaine Terry, Ron Heck, Wendy Guyton, Doug May
SaddleBrooke Rotary welcomes new member Ron Heck.
Thank you Elaine Terry for bringing him to us.
Major Fore For Kids Sponsors
L to R Doug May, Emerson Knowles, Bob Christadore
We could not do without our Major Sponsors for Fore For Kids.
Thank you Emerson Knowles and Tom Turriff (not pictured) for your
extreme generosity year after year.
Joe Jones Card Game Winner
Congratulations Joe Jones our latest card game winner.
District Governor Nominee Visits
District Governor Nominee, Diana Ventura Goodyear, and her husband, Gordon, visited The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke last Thursday. Diana shared information about upcoming district events and vocational scholarships.  President Doug May welcomed them to the club. So far since the start of the new Rotary Year in July, we have had visits from our District Governor, our District Governor Elect, and now our District Governor Nominee. In December we will be visited by our Assistant Governor.
Gen Justice
Members of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke sat riveted as attorney Rebecca Masterson described the needs of Arizona foster children. Rebecca and her non profit,, represent Arizona children, but they are fighting for the rights of children throughout the United States.  Left to right:  Rebecca Masterson of Gen Justice, Club President Doug May, and Program Chair Peggy Knowles.
Award Winning Club
Former club president, Neil Deppe, presented district awards to the The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke.  During the recent District Conference, The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke was presented with 3 awards:  International Services, Club Services, and a Paul Harris contribution for membership.
Impact of Southern Arizona
    Volunteer Work at the Southern Arizona Food Bank in Catalina.  Saturday Morning "Get Er Done"
Our Newest Member
Welcome Dave Jungbluth.  Our newest Amigo with Wendy Guyton.
Students of the Month
L to R George Corrigan, Stephen Argentati, Darien Apuron, Taya Dockum, Dave Jungbluth
Congratulations to Darien and Taya for this honor.  The best of luck to both of them as they pursue their higher education goals.  
Book Distribution with George Corrigan
  Always a big hit with students of local high schools.  George Corrigan receives 
 a big thank you note for new age appropriate books delivered by members of Rotary Club
 of SaddleBrooke.  
Book Delivery
Christmas came early for hundreds of elementary students in San Manuel and Mammoth.  Members of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke delivered dictionaries and children's literature to students in the community.  Left to right:  George Corman, Elaine Terry, Chris Millar, Barbara Barr, and Jim Frye!
4 - H Youth Development
Doug May presents Joshua D Moore with an appreciation plaque for his presentation on the 
importance of 4 - H to the youth in our community.  Joshua is part of the U of A Cooperative
Extension Program.  He has done extensive work with young people to teach them the importance 
of Agricultural Youth Leadership and Development.  AZ 4 - H has been in existence since 1913 and is 
as important today as it was then.
San Ignacio Golf Club
Bob Christadore presents Ronnie Black, Club Professional at San Ignacio Golf Club, with a certificate of appreciation
for his presentation on October 11, 2018.  As a former PGA Professional, Ronnie had stories of his time on the tour,
as well as, his restoration of his Southern Arizona Club.
District Governor Elect Visits
District Governor Elect, Ellie Patterson, visited the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke on Thursday, October 11.  Ellie had many accolades for the club and shared information on the up-coming "Cruise for a Cause."
Left to right:  Ellie Patterson, District Governor Elect; Doug May, President; and Barbara Barr, President Elect.
Innovation Academy
Members of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke toured the Innovation Academy in Oro Valley for an offsite meeting.  Innovation Academy is s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) school that opened just last year.
Oracle Inn Meeting
Members and Amigos of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke enjoyed their September 27th lunch meeting at the Oracle Inn in Oracle, AZ.  The Oracle Inn treated us like Kings and Queens and even set up a a special room for us!
Little Hooves Big Hearts
Members and Amigos of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke had a first hand experience with mini horses while visiting Little Hooves Big Hearts.  The organization provides free therapy for children with disabilities and seniors.  Little Hooves Big Hearts has been the recipient of funding from the SaddleBrooke Rotary Foundation for a number of years.
Ghana Water Project with Doug May
Doug May shared his experiences with the Ghana Water Project.  As a collaborative effort between the organization for engineers, the University of Arizona, and Rotary International, the projects provided  water for those in need in communities in Ghana.
Paul Harris Plus 8
George Corrigan received his Paul Harris Plus 8 pin.  If you will take a look at George's collar, you'll see his new pin with 3 rubies.  George says his secret to reaching all his Paul Harris goals is to use the monthly credit card plan.  If someone contributes as little as $15 per month, they can reach their Every Rotarian Every Year goals.
Pinal County Economic Development
Tim Kanavel and Doug May
Pinal County Economic Development Program Manager, Tim Kanavel, was on hand to talk about the marketing efforts of his division.
In 2017 Pinal County experienced 9% growth, which was the highest of any Arizona Counties.  The future for our own Pinal County looks bright!
Book Delivery to Mountain Vista School
A Thank You card from Oracle students.Members of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke delivered books to the elementary students at Mountain Vista School in Oracle.  Assisted by Superintendent Dennis Blouser, club members George Corrigan, Chris Millar and his brother Mark, Doc Pohnert, and Barbara Barr delivered books.  The middle school kids said they wanted to get books from Rotary too!  Don't you love it!
Mark Miller
Mark Miller
Our very own Mark Miller is again participating in the Ride for Polio!  Mark and our club have raised a lot of money to fight Polio during this event.  This event is held annually during the Tour de Tucson.  For more information, or to help Mark raise funds, click on Ride for Polio!
Handi-dogs presentation
George Corrigan introduced our guest speaker from Handi-Dogs, JoAnn Turnbull.   Ms. Turnbull joined Handi-Dogs in July, 2012. Her passion for dogs and how they help improve people's health and happiness is the reason she has devoted the last 5 years working with organizations focused on the human/animal bond. Handi-Dogs is a non-profit that helps our Veterans, seniors and people with disabilities train their own dogs to be their service, therapy or well-mannered companion dogs.
August Social
Leslie Hawkins was the "Hostess with the Mostess" at our August Social.  We all had so much fun!  This picture was taken early in the evening as members, spouses and guests were arriving.  The incredible food filled the island and we had to start placing dishes on the kitchen counter and bar!  For more pictures of the Social, please go to our Facebook page:  (Don't forget to LIKE our page)
Jim Cloer
SaddleBrooke resident, Jim Cloer, entertained our Rotary Club with stories, information, and humor about local critters.  In the photo above, Jim receives the club's certificate of appreciation from Peggy Knowles, the Program Chair.
Newest Amigo
A warm welcome to our newest Amigo Member, Lou Robisch.  Lou and his wife, Sue, are SaddleBrooke residents.  Lou and Sue are very active in their volunteer work with the Little Hooves and Big  Hearts!  Welcome, Lou!  
Mirror Lab
SaddleBrooke resident, Larry Allen, shared the history and in-side story of the University of Arizona Mirror Lab.  Rotary members and guests were fascinated by the stories and information they heard about the Mirror Lab.  Larry serves as a docent at the lab, which is located under the University of Arizona football stadium.  
Lisa Hansen of Sold No More
Lisa Hansen, the Education Director of Sold No More, spoke on Human Trafficking in the Tucson Area.  Lisa speaks to schools in the area in an effort to prevent Human Trafficking.  Tucson has the 2nd highest rate of Human Trafficking in the nation and the average age of the victims is age 11.
Jim Lamb - Chairman Polio Plus
SaddleBrooke Rotary was proud to have former member and President of
our club speak on his new role as Rotary Polio Plus Chairman.  As Rotary has 
helped to eradicate Polio worldwide, there are still areas of concern that need 
to be funded.  Rotary International, with the help of the Gates Foundation, is well on
the way to making this world Polio free.  Thank you Jim for your service.
District 5500 Governor Visit
L to R  District Governor Kirk Reed and
President Doug May
We were proud to welcome new District 5500 Governor
Kirk Reed on 7-19-18.  As a third generation Rotarian and a 
former United Methodist Church Pastor, Kirk will motivate us all to 
become more passionate and effective Rotarians.
Veterans' Memorial Cemetery
New President, Doug May, awards Bonnie Dudelston 
with a commemorative plaque. American State Veterans' Memorial Cemetery Administrator, Bonnie Dudelston, spoke to our club about 
the earned privilege of Veterans and their families to be be buried with honours at a National Cemetery.Earlier this year Rotary donated 108 trees to the new cemetery in Marana.  Local Rotary members helped to 
plant these trees on February 14th.
Upcoming Events | click on event title for details
Ed Treick: "How YOU Can Make a Difference"
Jan 31, 2019
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Annual Meeting
Jan 31, 2019
12:10 PM – 12:25 PM
Packing Food at IMPACT of Southern Arizona
IMPACT of Southern Arizoan
Feb 02, 2019
9:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Emerson Knowles: "Financial Forecast"
Feb 07, 2019
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Amber Prince of the Golder Ranch Fire Department
Feb 14, 2019
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Mardi Gras Party
Mar 01, 2019 5:00 PM
SBCO Food Drive
Mar 23, 2019
2019 Fore For Kids Golf Fundraiser
Oro Valley Country Club
Apr 15, 2019
12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
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