ZOOM at NOON Each Thursday at noon until we meet again!
This is NOT our first ZOOM at NOON meeting.  I wish I had been on the ball enough to take a photo of our first Zoom meeting.  But this photo gives you an idea of what a Zoom meeting looks like.  At our first ZOOM at NOON, we had 24 members in attendance.  We also have had 3 committee meetings and a board meeting on Zoom.  So your Rotary club is still hard at work, trying to make our local and global community a better place.

Our club has purchased a Zoom month to month license so all our members can use it to stay in touch, hold committee meetings, and connect at weekly club meetings.  We know that not all our members are comfortable with computers, so we are now set up for you to call into a Zoom meeting on a telephone, if that works better for you.

To get set up on Zoom.us, there are written and video directions on the website and in the bulletin.  Our club also has Rotary tech support that not only comes to your house, but also trains you how to use Zoom.  It's actually very easy to use the program once Zoom is set up on your computer. If you need more help on Zoom, just email Barbara!

A while before a Zoom meeting, you will receive an email with a link to the meeting. If I am doing the meeting, you will also see a reminder 15 minutes before the meeting. If another committee chair or Rotarian is doing a meeting, they may or may not send a reminder 15 minutes before the meeting. Just open your email and click on the link. It's that EZ! Then tell your computer, or other technology, to open Zoom. That's all!

Looking forward to seeing even more people at this week's ZOOM at NOON!