What's the Latest at the Tucson International Airport?
Danette Bewley, President and CEO of the Tucson Airport Authority will join our meeting on Thursday, May 6th.  You do not want to miss her presentation.
Danette Bewley is from San Diego, CA, where her passion for aviation began. Her Dad was a decorated Navy fighter/combat pilot, stationed at NAS Miramar (now MCAS Miramar), and who later transitioned to a career as a commercial airline pilot for Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA - was headquartered in San Diego, CA, and primarily served the west coast).  PSA later merged with US Airways (and is now part of the American Airlines family). Throughout her childhood and into adulthood, Danette had the opportunity to be in and around many types of military and commercial aircraft, and fly simulators with her Dad, which gave her an even greater appreciation and understanding of aviation and further fueled her interest to pursue an aviation-related career path. Her airport management career began in 1989 and has spanned over 31 years, and is still going strong. 
“I love what I do, and can’t imagine a different career. I am blessed to work in an industry that is both dynamic and challenging, that serves so many people, and allows me to work with so many great people,” said Bewley.