Rotarians Honoring Veterans at the Oracle Community Center
This was the first time the OCC held this event and they are looking forward
to doing it in future years.

A flag that was presented to a family of a recently passed vet and member of
the Mammoth VFW was used in the flag ceremony. It was taken in a procession
from the Living Word church in Oracle to the Oracle Justice Center.

Following the ceremony, the OCC board served a free breakfast to the vets
and others who turned out for the event. There was a total of about 50 who
attended the ceremony and breakfast.
Above:  Members of the Mammoth VFW and Linda and John Howard - this was
taken as folks gathered for the ceremony. Linda participated in the ceremony
representing women veterans.
Above: Bill Demeroutis, a member of the OCC board as he is
preparing the breakfast. The banner is from his SBHOA2 Unit.