Posted by A.T Barr on Jun 08, 2019


Marc Snow

Marc lives in Oro Valley AZ with his wife of 37 years, Renée. They have four grown children all living in Arizona.   Retired from 32 years in the aerospace and defense industry, Marc’s career spanned commercial and government contract negotiation, program management and mergers and acquisitions.   Marc has been in Rotary for nine years. He is a past president of the Oro Valley Rotary Club and is currently the Assistant Governor (AG) in the Tucson Northwest region.  An avid outdoorsman, Marc enjoys all sports and adventure.   Marc’s passion for the vocational fund is rooted in the fact that it is an extremely leveraged way of improving the lives of individuals when they show initiative and perseverance. 

Thursday, December 5th
is our Christmas Party!
Last year we had a lot of people
who missed the party 
because they had already
left for the holidays, 
so we moved the date up.
PLEASE give this date to the person 
who is your family "Social Chairperson" 
so you can plan your 
holiday travels around our party date.
Greeter: Joe Jones 
Inspiration: Paul Herr
Pledge & 4-Way Test: Pick 'em*
 Card Game - $86.00, 48 cards with Jokers 
*NOTE: The Pledge and 4-Way Test speakers will be randomlyselected by the President from the podium.... Stay Alert!!
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