Posted by A.T Barr on Aug 11, 2019


Foundation Board meeting at 10:00 am this Thursday in the Agave lounge.  

This Weeks Program:  Tales From Biosphere 2

Linda visited us in May to discuss the Oracle Community Garden. But when she finished her program, the majority of questions were on Biosphere 2. So we asked Linda to come back for a program on Biosphere 2. 

Linda Leigh was the test subject in a three week stay in Biosphere 2 prior to her two year stay with a team.  She designed the ecosystems in Biosphere 2 working with engineers, architects, and other scientists.  She directed the collection and propagation of over 2000 candidate species for the systems.  As one of the original team members in the Biosposphere 2 experiments, she managed the health, research and documentation of the ecosystems.  

Be sure to read "Rotary is Family"!


Greeter: John Ruland
Inspiration: Joe Dylewski
Pledge & 4-Way Test: Pick 'em*
 Card Game - $374.00, 36 cards with Jokers 
*NOTE: The Pledge and 4-Way Test speakers will be randomly selected by the President from the podium.... Stay Alert!!