Members of the club, and about 15,000 other people, watched the first of 3 episodes of John Maxwell's "Leadership Through Crisis" on Facebook LIVE.
John Maxwell, one of the foremost authors and speakers on leadership, has a FREE summit on Facebook LIVE for the next 3 days.  These are available at 9:00am Arizona time on Sunday, March 22; Monday, March 23. and Tuesday March 24th. Even is you don't consider yourself as a leader, John's messages have some very good advice and understanding for all of us. You will probably find a lot of comfort in his messages. They are available on the Facebook page of John C. Maxwell, which is:

There was so much meat in today's Facebook LIVE that I just watched and listened the first time I saw this on LIVE. Then I streamed the summit again to take notes.  The program is actually over an hour long, but I stopped it so many times to write down notes that it took me a couple of hours to watch it and take notes. I was glad that I already had taken so many of John Maxwell's classes. While there is tons of great information, here's a warning that it will get a little salesy at the very end. After all, John Maxwell is in business to train leaders and make a living. But this happens after the first hour.
I tried to set up a Facebook Watch Party for this video.  However, I could not find any of those controls on this Facebook LIVE. I don't know if they have adjusted their settings, or if I just don't know enough about it.  If you know how to set up a Watch Party, I would appreciate your help! 

Because this is recorded on Facebook LIVE, you must be on Facebook in order to see it. However, it's also continues to be available on John C. Maxwell's Facebook page to watch any time at your convenience. So if you miss the LIVE at 9:00 am, or you want to see the replay, it is available.