With the growth in membership our committees are anxious to include all members in active committees.  There is a lot going on today.  All members are expected to serve and invited to join and become active in one of our many committees.  Upcoming meetings include:
Public Image, Chairperson Barbara Barr      January 13th after the regular meeting for 
Fore for Kids 2022,  Dan Watson, Chairman      January 20th after the meeting and Dan's House
Membership,  Wendy Guyton, Chairperson
Amigos, Monica Oszust, Chairperson
Community Services, Bre Zientarski, Chairperson
Youth Services, Elaine Terry, Chairperson
Grants,  Joe Guyton, Chairperson
International Services, Bill Demeroutis, Chairperson
Interact, Stephen Argentati, Coordinator
Diana Madaras Special Fundraising Event,  Wendy Guyton, Chairperson