The gift of Rotary is one of having a very full glass.  In Rotary our members give to others by "serving above ourselves", that is to say by focusing upon the needs within our communities and providing solutions.  How?
Throughout the COVID pandemic members of SaddleBrooke Rotary have found within themselves energy and enthusiasm to provide a continuous pipeline of community service projects.  Instead of cutting back and reducing activities we pushed forward with new ideas and innovations leading to a vibrant and engaging club.
In 2002, we will have a wonderful opportunity to continue increasing our capabilities and our service to others.  Some steps we can take include:
Increasing our commitment to team efforts with social functions, committee planning as well as other ways to work together.
Planning and producing new fundraising activities.
Working together to select youth charities and scholarship opportunities 
Providing new (and for that matter) older members with opportunities to develop leadership capabilities.