A Big Thank You to our Paul Harris Fellows
Under the leadership of Tom Turriff, our club had a record setting year for our Paul Harris Fellows.  In the 2019-2020 year, our club honored the following 14 members for their contributions to the Rotary International Foundation:
Updated List Paul Harris Fellow Award Recipients
Craig Stokely   Benefactor
Barbara Barr   First Time Paul Harris Fellow
Patricia Pohnert  First Time Paul Harris Fellow
Bre Zintarkski   First Time Paul Harris Fellow
Mark Phelps   Paul Harris Fellow+1
Doug May   Paul Harris Fellow+2
Elaine Terry   Paul Harris Fellow +2
Leslie Hawkins   Paul Harris Fellow+3
Elaine Terry   Paul Harris Fellow+3
Neil Deppe   Paul Harris Fellow+4
John Ruland   Paul Harris Fellow+4
Bill Demeroutis   Paul Harris Fellow+7
Anonymous  Paul Harris Fellow + 8
The Rotary International Foundation funds world wide programs in all six areas of focus.  We are grateful to all our members who reached in their pockets to support the Rotary Foundation and make a difference.