Environmental Service Projects
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A hardy group of Rotarian's met early last Saturday to partner with other Oracle volunteers and clean up American Ave.  Ed Lueck, John and Linda Howard, Jim Fry,  Ken Castner and Liese Razzeto enjoyed a wonder breakfast provided by the Oracle Community Center after the event.
This fine group of Rotarians were on hand to clean our section of road on Golder Ranch.  Thank you Chris Millar for coordinating our efforts.
Saddlebrooke Rotary's newest committee, the Environmental Committee, was presented with a Check for $2,0000 resulting from a District 5500 matching grant.  District Grant Chairperson, Kristi Halverson, presented the Environmental Chairman, Bill Demeroutis with the check at our meeting on Thursday, December 7th.
The environment committee developed this project to install a commercial dishwasher at the Oracle Community Center. This will assist the OCC in all their events and will reduce the need for using disposable plastic and paper products at their events.  Total project is $4,908.80 and the committee applied for a district 5500 grant to fund $2,000 of the project.
Pictured above: Bill Demeroutis, Environmental Committee Chairman, Kristi Halverson, Wendy Guyton, President Elect